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Joe Biden’s approval ratings are radioactive waste. It’s starting to contaminate his party down-ticket. The GOP is heavily favored to retake the House. We have an inflation crisis. We have an emerging energy crisis. We have a war in Ukraine. We have a supply chain crisis, and the southern border is beyond catastrophic. The political winds are at hurricane force level right now and it’s all to the back of the Republican Party. They’re cruising to a red tsunami come November. Democrats by the dozens are retiring, so how does the GOP take advantage of all these political winds? They’re going to hold talks with Democrats…on immigration reform.


Are you kidding me? What the hell is going on, and what the hell do they think will come out of these talks. It’s a trap. First, of course, Democrats want to have a bipartisan meeting with the Republicans. They’re going to put forward proposals that simply will not fly with our side, and then plaster the airwaves about the GOP's willingness to hash out a deal to depress GOP turnout and infuriate the conservative base. They’ll tease that they’re close to some agreement only to pour more salt into the wound. Then, the news breaks about the inevitable collapse of the talks which by then will have done its job by casting doubt and righteous fury among those the GOP base. 

If there is one issue that will cause Republican voters to stay at home, it’s a deal on immigration reform. We all know Democrats want an ‘open borders/every illegal gets citizenship’ bill. They’re going to play on the Republicans’ affinity for regular order, tradition, and all-around naivete to slowly push for this. Will it work? No, but the point now is to make this a 2022 strategy if they can. The Select Committee on January 6 was their original ploy, but that’s dead. Too many domestic crises and no one cares about January 6 anymore. Playing ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ with a bill that everyone knows is dead but seems alive to depress GOP turnout is a hail Mary, but that’s all Democrats have. Wait, Republicans aren’t that dumb, right? Folks, they’re dabbling with this nonsense when they don’t need to, and for what? For what? The Democratic Party has only become more extreme. They can’t do anything on immigration that’s rational because AOC and the pro-illegal alien folks will break out the torches and pitchforks. We all know the ending here, so why even bother (via The Hill):


A bipartisan group of senators want to start formally convening meetings to try to restart immigration reform efforts after the Senate returns to Washington, D.C., from an April break. 

A bipartisan immigration deal appears to be congressional Democrats’ best hope of making good on their pledge to reform immigration, after Democrats’ attempts to go it alone as part of a sweeping bill unraveled last year. They would face a significant uphill climb getting such a reform deal heading into the November election, where Republicans plan to make the issue a key line of attack. 

But Sens. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) and Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) told The Hill that they want to bring together a group of senators interested in trying to revive immigration discussions — a perennial policy white whale for Congress — after a two-week recess. 

“Yes … we want to sit at a table and ask members who have immigration, bipartisan immigration bills, to come and propose those bills to us and see if we can build a 60-vote plus margin for a group of bills. It may not be possible, but I think it is,” Durbin said when asked about holding meetings after the recess. 

Tillis, asked by The Hill about the talks, added that after the recess he wanted to “start some working groups leading up to whenever we can have a [committee] mark up.” 


Durbin confirmed to The Hill that meetings after the break would be the first time they’ve formally met and sat down with their colleagues to try to start sketching out a possible path forward. In addition to Tillis, Durbin noted that he had mentioned trying to revive immigration talks “with several people” in the Senate.


If a pathway to citizenship is mentioned, walk away. If amnesty is mentioned, walk away. Since there is a 2,000% chance that such things will be brought up by Democrats, coupled with the total circus at the southern border right now, it’ll be prudent for the GOP to abort these talks before they ever begin. They’re going to embarrass themselves. We all know what the ending of this horror movie will be. 

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