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AP Photo/Markus Schreiber

Joe Biden thinks he's Joe Cool. He's really Charlie from "Flowers for Algernon." He's mentally defective. We all knew he was for months. The numerous times of him having dementia moments are too many to count. Now, he's the man who can't pass a test even when he has the cheat sheet in front of him. Spencer wrote about this today. Biden's trip to Europe was miraculous in that he survived. You'd think the level of travel there would kill him. Maybe it did—mentally. If you missed what happened, Joe Biden is pretty much talking us into World War III and then lied about his serial gaffes that his people tried to paint as the gold standard of American leadership. 

The man said that American troops were heading to Ukraine. That we would respond "in kind" if Russia uses chemical weapons. And that Vladimir Putin must go. Talking about regime change is not popular. Talking about it regarding a nation armed with nuclear weapons is also not smart. What the hell is going on? Say what you will about the Bush Doctrine, and there is a lot, at least Dubya wasn't insane to execute it against another nuclear power. Biden doesn't care, maybe because he doesn't know. 

His communications team probably went through several gallons of Pepto Bismol cleaning up after this guy. After all that—he lies. Not that we're shocked, but I mean—this is just pathetic. It's all on video, Joe. President Brainworms is supposed to signal the resurrection of American leadership abroad. Biden is not that guy. 

Now, his gaffes are being blamed on his Irish heritage. You cannot pivot with this man. There are not enough building materials in the world to prop him up. All you can do is deny reality, which is what happened in yesterday's presser. 


It takes a special kind of person to fail a test even when they're given all the answers. You have the cheat sheet, Joe. And you still couldn't deliver straight answers. If this were Trump, the trip would have been characterized as totally irresponsible—and that would be a correct analysis. But we all know we wouldn't be in these messes if Trump had won re-election. Our own allies are planning contingency protocols in case America simply forgets what's going on—that's on Biden. That's a sign that they know America is simply not reliable, and they would be right. 

Joe Biden threatened regime change, using nuclear weapons, and troop deployments in Ukraine. It's astonishing we're still here if this is the thought process. Just because you have decades of experience doesn't make you an ace for the job. We all know Joe Biden has been wrong on foreign policy for the past 40 years. He doesn't learn because he's an idiot, though he probably views himself as some Rhodes Scholar on the subject. If Biden were calling the shots, Osama bin Laden would still be alive right now. Look at all the foreign policy fiascos we're in right now. Biden's foreign policy makes these international messes larger. And we have two more years of this guy.

Again, the man has a cheat sheet, and he still rammed into the iceberg. Only a total idiot would do that. 


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