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Al Drago, Pool via AP

Yes, it's satisfactory until you think about what she said. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is truly the best team player you could ask for in these situations. You can't polish a turd, but she'll try. She might even try to add a coat of turtle wax to it. The turd is Joe Biden and his agenda, which has set the Democrats on fire for the 2022 midterms. There's no relief in sight. There is no Build Back Better. It's dead. The filibuster isn't changing. The Democrats' bill that would tilt all elections in their favor, which is disguised as a "voting rights" bill, is dead as well. We've lost two embassies. We left Afghanistan in the most humiliating and disgraceful way possible, only to possibly stumble into another war in Ukraine that involves a nuclear power, Russia. Gas prices are through the roof. They will continue to rise as we've banned Russian oil imports. If we were to measure it, inflation has soared past the moon. We might reach the outskirts of Alpha Centauri when the damage is done. 


Joe Biden has managed to weaken the office of the presidency and this nation in just over a year—and the worst part is, he doesn't care. His approvals are toxic to any Democrat running for re-election. If anything, he should revert to his 2020 campaign mode and stay hidden from sight. Even then, Democrats are about to get throttled come November. Yet, here's Nancy pretty much saying how there was no American presidency until this dementia-ridden clown got elected. So much justice has been accomplished by Biden, according to Pelosi. She can't name a single thing because there is nothing to say. The vaccines were a Trump initiative. Biden's handling of COVID has only led to more Americans dying under his watch than Trump's, which according to Joe's past remarks, warrants his resignation. We can't even wish for that, as Kamala Harris would truly annihilate us all. 

There's nothing to rally around. Nothing to promote, but let's also let this sink in before we start downing champagne. The damage has been done. If the GOP retakes Congress, the wounds are cauterized, but we're still legless and armless due to Joe Biden's reckless policies. 


Also, Nancy, what the hell is this—and why are you laughing? 

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