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AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Democrats are starting to read their polling memos. Maybe they should have done that months ago because they were hot garage then, and they’re hot garbage now. We all know why they’re doing 180-degree turns on major issues like COVID. It’s an election year. The political science has shifted. Mask mandates are gone. The COVID vaccine passport initiative is no more. The pandemic is over. It won’t save Democrats. Now, the party is about to be shellacked by the inflation crisis which has been ongoing for months. Just like when you rush to get your homework done—this will end in disaster. There’s nothing the Democrats can do because Joe Biden is beyond toxic to the electorate right now. No one wants this guy around, especially the dozens of Democrats hailing from swing districts. The House is gone. It’s going to be controlled by Republicans. It’s only a matter of time. 


The Democrats’ congressional retreat is not going well. Members have called the shambolic gathering “cursed.” So, how will the Democrats try and win the messaging war on inflation? By doling out talking points that will not be effective whatsoever.

The grand plan to solve inflation is to blame Russia—what else is new—say Biden is talking about it, and then claim the GOP doesn’t care about prices. That’s it. Seriously? Might as well slide over a pistol and tell Democrats in competitive districts to kill themselves. Okay, maybe that’s a bit much—but they should tell them to look for work and update their resume because this is a loser strategy. Even CNN is shredding this Putin pivot. 


We shouldn’t have to be told that Biden thinks this is a serious issue that needs addressing. I would hope that would be the default. Blaming Putin isn’t going to work. A simple Google search will show this issue began long before Putin’s tanks rolled into Ukraine. Even Joe Biden said this issue would be transitory. He was wrong, just like he is with every other issue on the table. 

Democrats should just embrace a red tsunami to wash them out of power. And Biden should get ready to be rendered an irrelevant president at best. 

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