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Another Tale of a Person Booted from an Airline. Want to Take a Wild Guess Why?

AP Photo/Chris O'Meara

Air travel during COVID was already ridiculous. First, the pandemic is over so mask-wearing on planes must end. Air travel was never a source of spread. It’s caused everyone to freak out on flights regarding incidents of assault and mayhem. What’s worse are these flight crew pansies who think they’re lord gods of the sky. We have multiple reports of people being booted from their flight or being asked to cover up their masks because they found the wording offensive. You guessed it—these people were wearing ‘Let’s go, Brandon’ masks. 


On today’s episode of woke airline, we have one man booted from a JetBlue flight for reportedly wearing such a mask. He complied and changed his mask but “Michael,” who we must assume was a flight crew member wasn’t satisfied. The man was given the boot and prevented from seeing his family later that night. 

Last month, we had two incidents of passengers being forced off flights or being asked to cover up their ‘Let’s go, Brandon’ attire.  One man was wearing a mask and a hoodie that had the anti-Joe Biden slogan, but was only told to wear another mask over his FJB one. He was not asked to take his hoodie off. He was told by the flight crew that he needed to be compliant with some fake regulation. Even the passenger next to him said he felt the rule was made up. Later, a man flying with Allegiant was told to get off over his mask. The same ‘FAA regulation excuse was given which doesn’t exist. 


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