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AP Photo/Mikhail Metzel

Explosions are being heard in and around the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv. The city is going to fall to the Russians. It’s only a matter of time. That doesn’t mean they’ll be able to walk through the front door unscathed. Ukrainian forces are reportedly fighting as best they can against the Russians. Firearms were distributed to Kyiv’s residents as fighting broke out this week. Martial law was declared. All males 18-60 cannot leave the country, and general mobilization orders have been issued. Ukrainian civilians can now openly carry firearms. All citizens have been called to defend the state.


We wrote earlier today that Kyiv could fall within days and it should shock us in the slightest if the city is surrounded within the next 96 hours. There’s a reason why there’s a steady flow of cars flowing out of the city. Yet, maybe the timeline is a bit more truncated. Russian troops are only 20 miles away from Kyiv. These are Russian forces invading the country from Belarus. It's mechanized units which means they could make a mad dash for the capital within hours. Russia has total air superiority (via Fox News):

Explosions could be heard in Ukraine's capital of Kyiv early Friday local time, as reports indicate Russian troops are closing in on the city.

"Russian mechanized forces, which came in from Belarus, are 20 miles outside of Kyiv," Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told lawmakers Thursday night, according to reporting from Axios.

Austin added that the military is looking into ways to provide Ukrainian forces with more equipment, including ammunition, as Russian troops swarm the country.

Russians will take the cities, but Ukraine is massive and this devolving into a guerilla war. Then, what do we do. 


We’ll keep you updated. 

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