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AP Photo/Mikhail Metzel

Is it bad that everyone who is not a Biden administration official knew this was going to happen in Ukraine? Is it bad that this Biden crew is treating Russia’s latest move in Ukraine as…a legitimate development? State Department Spokesman Ned Price declared that diplomacy was Russia was now dead, that a full-scale invasion was imminent, and that Moscow was engaging in diplomatic kabuki theater. Why yes, again—some of us already knew that. As we speak, Pentagon Spokesman John Kirby said that if Putin chooses war, he chooses violence. Why yes, again—this is a war. He also, and I can’t believe he even said this, said that Putin would have the answer for the number of Russian casualties at home. Seriously? Twenty million Russians died fighting World War II. I don't even want to know how many died fighting the wars during Peter the Great's reign in the early 18th century. The point is Russian accepting high casualties is nothing new. Also, Putin is a de facto tsar. The butcher’s bill from war is not a deterrent and neither are these sanctions. 


Once again Associated Press reporter Matt Lee, who has been an expert in slicing apart the talking points from this administration, noted the abject failure sanctions have had in deterring Russia from their Ukraine project. 

Like Obama, Putin saw what was coming. Like retired Gen. Jack Keane said today, he’s gamed this all out. He knows all the moves. He knows NATO won’t go to war. He knows for sure American troops won’t be deployed in Ukraine proper to defend them. It’s why he can pull Washington’s chain, declared the two separatist regions as independent, and move troops in on a ‘peacekeeping’ mission. 


White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki offered a word salad regarding why it isn’t different than the Biden administration supported lifting sanctions on Nord Stream 2 last year but reimposed them again now. It’s a trainwreck.


If anyone wondered how Afghanistan could be handled so badly, here are more examples. Are we shocked that the situation went off the rails over there these three pressers from his administration? Also, where’s Joe Biden? It’s not like there’s anything going on, right? We’re adrift—and that’s probably something Putin also saw from afar, not that it was hard to see in the first place. Where are the adults? Where is anybody that knows what they’re doing? This is a fiasco—and while it is a distraction from the economic issues at home. It doesn’t shine the light away from Biden’s overall incompetence. Now, we’re also seeing his lack of care and utter sluggishness at responding to these sorts of situations. Too slow and too stupid. That’s Joe Biden.

As Madeline wrote this morning, Ukraine is set to undergo a state of emergency with reservists to be called up for national defense. A new offensive could be launched later tonight. We’ll keep you posted. 


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