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Mother of the Year: How a Chicago Train Robbery Suspect Got Busted

AP Photo/M. Spencer Green

Is this the mother of the year? If not, she should be a solid candidate for doing something that her son was probably not expecting…at all. Recently, there was a robbery on Chicago’s train system. Someone all masked up armed with a handgun stole around $110 from one of the city’s train conductors. It was captured on video. An image of the suspect was released by the police. You know that saying, ‘a mother knows.’ Well, it’s applicable here. The suspect’s mother knew exactly who committed this crime, and dragged her own son right to the police (via Fox 32 Chicago):


Zion Brown, a student at Loyola University Chicago, has been charged with armed robbery after allegedly stealing about $110 in cash at gunpoint from a Metra train conductor Tuesday afternoon, CWB Chicago reported. After recognizing photos of a masked suspect – seen glancing into a station security camera – shared by police and reported by the media as her son, Brown’s mother brought him into a police station in Calumet City for him to turn himself in, the outlet reported.

The detail was revealed at Brown’s bond hearing, where he was represented by a private defense attorney, who argued his client was hungry and was looking for something to eat.

Brown reportedly attended class after the armed hold up, and his lawyer asked the judge to remember her own days as a hungry college kid in determining his bail. Cook County Judge Maryam Ahmad ordered Brown held without bail, Loyola Phoenix reported, citing the Cook County State’s Attorney Office.

According to CWB, Ahmad rejected the defense attorney’s argument, saying as a hungry college kid she herself would have never thought to rob someone, and granted the State’s request for no bail.

Brown’s next court appearance is scheduled for March 4.


While not as serious as armed robbery, another mom was caught on video grabbing her son off the streets during the 2015 riots in Baltimore. 

Look, if momma isn’t happy, no one is—that’s the axiom for almost anything regarding home life and overall living. Don’t make mom angry. Also, don’t expect that she’ll be one hundred percent okay with you engaging in criminal behavior. Odds are unless she herself is not a criminal or gangster—she’ll probably turn you over should she recognize you on security footage. 

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