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Where’s Joe Biden?

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Russian President Vladimir Putin executed his “special military operation” in Ukraine. It’s a full-scale invasion. It’s shock and awe Moscow style. We knew this was coming. Everyone who isn’t a member of the Biden administration knew this was coming. Putin has gamed this out probably since last Fall. He knew what the reaction would be from this president. Joe Biden’s weakness, his frailty is just evident when he’s in front of the camera. And now, he’s probably asleep. I’m not kidding. 


As we speak, Russians are launching a massive offensive against Ukraine and Biden is asleep. Where else could he be? Where is he? Where was he yesterday? Europe is on the brink of war and Joe Biden is just incapable of doing the job. At any rate, perhaps Putin launched this attack at the best possible moment when he knew Biden would be asleep. Former President Donald Trump was on Fox News speaking about this situation before Biden. 


Now, we’re not going to hear from Joe Biden until…tomorrow afternoon?

NATO is under threat. Ukraine is being pummeled. Putin is flexing his muscles—and Joe Biden can’t say anything until tomorrow afternoon. I thought America is back. I thought American leadership was back, and that the adults were back in charge. America’s enemies saw the weakness of this president and plotted. 

Russia is rolling. Biden said I need to sleep. I’m too tired and weak. 

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