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One Teacher Served Cupcakes to Students with a Very Obscene Ingredient in the Frosting

Courtney Pedroza /Star Tribune via AP

This isn’t necessarily a story about how ‘woke’ education is out of control. It’s beyond that. It’s a story that is simply unbelievable. The people involved are nuts. They’re being charged with serious crimes. This is the least disgusting of them all—and that’s saying a lot. You cannot make this up. The woman, Cynthia Perkins, reportedly served cupcakes to her former students that were made from a very inappropriate ingredient. It’s obscene actually. It’s baked goods from hell. Let’s just say her now ex-husband’s bodily fluids were in the icing (via NY Post):


A sick Louisiana teacher has pleaded guilty to giving her students cupcakes laced with her husband’s sperm.

Cynthia Perkins, 36, admitted to a slew of disturbing sex crimes, including child pornography, second-degree rape and mingling of harmful substances, when she took a plea deal in Livingston on Monday.

The teacher and her now-ex-husband, Dennis Perkins, were arrested in 2019 on more than 150 sex crime-related charges — including sexually abusing a child together.

Cynthia was also hit with the harmful substance charge after she put Dennis’ sperm into cupcakes that she gave to students at Livingston’s Westside Junior High School, authorities said.

Who the hell was in charge of hiring at this school? To make things even more shocking, Dennis is a now-former police officer. This little is the sordid and debauched tale of a former teacher, a former SWAT team commander, and the list of sex crimes they committed. They should be sent away forever. The publication added that Cynthia Perkins will be sentenced to 41 years in jail for her crimes. Dennis’ trial for which he faces 150 charges reportedly is set to begin in May. 


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