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Did They Really Lock an Illinois Middle Schooler in a Room for Not Wearing a Mask?

Richard Alan Hannon/The Advocate via AP

As many have noted for months, the school mask mandates are child abuse. They don’t curb the spread. A child’s face is too small to wear the masks that are somewhat better, which are the KN95s. that’s irrelevant. The risks outweigh the benefits. The science has been settled on that debate, though teachers unions, Democrats, and the liberal media would rather torture kids to fulfill the sick power fantasies from the political class. Europe doesn’t mask their kids. They have the same data as we do. Why is that?


The beautiful thing about social media is that young kids can document the insanity at their schools. In Elgin, Illinois, a middle schooler was allegedly locked in a room for not wearing a mask. He recorded it. Some adult kept him in this area. I’m pretty sure the fire marshal would not approve of such a measure. With Democrats’ polling in the toilet, especially when it comes to Joe Biden’s job performance, the Left is racing to ease the COVID restrictions that have done next to nothing. They say 'the science' has changed. Nope. We’ve known for months what to do as we approach the endemic stages of COVID. It’s not going away. We have therapeutics and vaccines. It’s time to end all the protocols. 


Libs of Tik Tok found the clip. Reportedly, the school admitted they were in the wrong. That’s fine. The next step is firing the person who imprisoned this kid over a stupid mask rule. 

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