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Should Whoopi Goldberg Be Fired?

Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

It seems like this happened a month ago, but "The View's" Whoopi Goldberg's mind-numbingly stupid take on the Holocaust was less than two weeks ago. A lot has happened since then for sure, like Joe Rogan being besieged for…having unfiltered conversations with people. The Whoopi story is getting buried since we're all talking about Joe Rogan using the n-word in some segments. Wow. Let's go through all the white liberals who were caught saying that slur. It's a hit job. But Whoopi is out of the news for now since she's suspended from the daytime talk show for totally botching what the Holocaust was about. The next question is, should that suspension be made indefinite?

What caused Whoopi to be put on lockdown was her declaration that the Holocaust was not about race. The segment was based on a Tennessee school board's decision to pull and replace the Holocaust-themed graphic novel "Maus." The actress said that one of the most heinous crimes in human history was not about race but about our inhumanity toward one another. No—that's false. It was totally about race. The first page in "Maus" quotes Adolf Hitler.

"The Jews are undoubtedly a race, but they are not human." 

Yes, please go on about how the wholesale killing of Jewish people was not about race, Whoopi. 

It was stupid. She apologized, but it still landed her with a two-week suspension. Reportedly, she's thought about quitting the show, but she's probably just angry. If we're going by the left's rules, Whoopi must go. There is no nuance. There is no mercy. American liberalism deals with absolutes, and Whoopi simply cannot be allowed to have a job. Yet, playing by these rules, you find out how messy they are in practice. Based on the
"woke" left's intersectionality nonsense, Jewish people are in the oppressor class due to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This is where the left eats each other.

At the same time, what Whoopi said, while awful and stupid, isn't enough to warrant termination. In this case, I won't use the left's rules against them. Whoopi should be dragged. She should get pummeled on social media, but she should keep her job. It was your typical historically illiterate liberal mouthing off about a subject they don't know anything about. These people don't know history. You could argue that her being punished with a two-week suspension shows progress regarding accountability. It's not that at all. Don't give ABC too much credit. This was a proactive move to avoid a bigger circus. 

It's tough because the "two separate rules" narrative is totally at play here. If Whoopi was a conservative, the calls for termination, boycotts, and endless segments about how the GOP is the reincarnation of the Nazi party would be dominating the headlines instead of Biden's anemic response to the emerging crisis in Ukraine. 

On some things, you must pick your battles. It's not worth wasting barrels of gunpowder trying to destroy Whoopi. 


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