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It’s a pity party at CNN for Jim Acosta. Okay, maybe not—but his reaction to Joe Biden blowing up at Fox News is why the media is so hated. You still have a job. You’re still working. You’re not going to be detained by the secret police for going after Donald Trump. Get a grip, man. Acosta is the embodiment of the entitlement that’s often exhibited by liberal media figures. Guys, what we do whether it be CNN or elsewhere isn’t that hard. You work hard, sure—but let’s not act like you need elite training here. Reporters shouldn’t be treated as special, and when attacked verbally—get over it. 


The difference between Fox News and CNN is that the former reacted appropriately. Doocy is fine. He’s moving on. Joe Biden called him to say it wasn’t personal when he said he was a “son of a bitch” in a hot mic moment. Doocy had asked Biden about inflation. Apparently, President Dementia doesn’t like it when random questions are asked. They must relate to whatever topic he's speaking on at that moment. This must be set in place because he often forgets that he’s president. 

CNN treated every little jab Trump delivered as an attack on our democracy.* Acosta acted like he was some victim of domestic abuse. He took the hits but was left wondering where’s his apology from Trump was after being taken to the woodshed for years. Well, he’s not going to get one. 

Second, he said he still has the marks on his back from his time covering the Trump White House. Talk about a drama queen—and host Don Lemon's tee up was equally nauseating (via Fox News) [emphasis mine]: 

During Monday's handover between his fill-in hosting gig and "Don Lemon Tonight,"a Acosta said he still had "marks on my back" from his tenure at the White House, seemingly referring to the tumultuous relationship he had with Trump, as well as the criticism he often received from the latter.

"As someone who witnessed the unraveling of our democracy, had a front row seat to it … is it better? Worse? Can we turn this around in your estimation? You were the White House correspondent for the entire Trump reign," fellow CNN host Don Lemon asked Acosta, who is hosting a week-long show about democracy being in "peril" during former host Chris Cuomo's time slot.

"Yeah. And I've got the marks on my back to prove it, Don," Acosta said, laughing and adding that he thought American democracy was currently in worse shape than it was under the Trump administration. Acosta has been sharply critical of Trump's efforts to overturn his 2020 election defeat and Republican election laws passed in the aftermath.

He claimed Monday the country was "facing a crisis" and that future elections could be "thrown into chaos" because of questions being raised over the results of the 2020 presidential election.

"To some extent things are better. I mean, today we had the president of the United States refer to a reporter as an S.O.B. You know, Don, you and I got called a lot worse back in the day. We never got an apology. I don’t remember that from the commander in chief. So maybe things are a little bit better to some extent," Acosta said.


To quote Livia Soprano, "Oh, poor you." You’re going to be fine, Acosta. You’re obviously milking this moment again for all it's worth. It’s obviously not a physically scarring or a legitimate episode of mental abuse. I’m sure you speak about being beaten up by Trump as a badge of honor. 

After all, Acosta is on the other side. It is liberal media versus the rest of us. It is us versus them. Yet, acting like you’re a war veteran or a first responder is what’s nauseating about all of this—and it’s not just Acosta. Many liberal journalists have made the inane comparisons, like saying they’re just like the troops who stormed Omaha Beach. No, you’re lackeys for the Democratic Party. Nothing wrong with that—but just be honest because we all know the game here, as does the rest of the public.

We’re biased as hell. We make no effort to cast a fake veneer of impartiality here. You know what you’re getting from most conservative media outlets. On the Left, The Guardian admits they’re a left-wing newspaper. They also cover topics that aren’t usually covered here which is why I read them. It’s a publication with a radically different editorial position that covers topics that interest me and they’re honest about who they are. Yeah, you’ll get my respect for doing that. 


Not so much for CNN who I swear everyone working there thinks they’re Walter Cronkite and impartial. Are mind control drugs being pumped into the ventilation system?

Get over it, Jim. Get a grip. Grow up. And be prepared to be shredded many more times by the rest of us. It is what it is, pal. 

*We’re a constitutional republic 

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