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Screenshot via Twitter / @johnschreiber

Los Angeles is a hellhole, and the city knows it. Super Bowl LVI is slated to be held at the new SoFi Stadium, home of the Rams and Chargers, and the city needs to look pristine. Okay, maybe not that clean, but certainly not like a Somali refugee camp. The city, as with most areas along the Left Coast, has become HoBo haven. In Oregon, they're about to build these people brand-spankin' new shacks with accompanying community kitchen spaces and washing and drying machines. The homeless are being treated better than our veterans. I'm not a Dallas Cowboys fan, but their stadium in free Texas would have been a better venue than deep-blue and COVID-crazy California. Alas, that's not happening, so the city is ramping up efforts to remove the usual suspects from view.

Again, you already know who the undesirables are in this case. The homeless are being pushed out. The encampments are being taken down and cleaned up. For good reason, too—it looks like a third world country. Recently, Gov. Gavin Newsom participated in a clean-up along the railways. Why? Because some stations are absolutely covered with debris and empty boxes from all the thefts along the route. Yeah, we're back to railroad robberies in California. Jesse James is back. The most important game this NFL season will be held in three weeks, and TMZ was there to capture all the pictures of this reconstruction effort (via TMZ):

Los Angeles doesn't want Super Bowl LVI visitors and viewers getting an up-close look at the city's homeless problem -- which is why a major cleanup is underway near the site of the big game.

These pics were taken Monday morning ... near the 405 freeway, which significantly is just a couple miles from SoFi Stadium. As you can see, CHP officers are on hand to reroute traffic and clear out homeless encampments ... as private contractors clean up behind them.


Our law enforcement sources tell us cops started moving homeless people bright and early Monday from this area near the 405 and Century Blvd. Not coincidentally, we think, this is smack in the middle of the most direct route from LAX to SoFi.

We're told the situation here used to look "a lot worse" -- and there's a similar effort going on at a nearby park. After that, we're told, crews will remove a tent city under the freeway.

China pretty much did the same thing prior to the start of the 2008 Summer Olympics. The homeless and undesirable elements in Beijing were rounded up and relocated. They were probably put in jail. 

The moral of the story is that the cities aren't safe. Democrat-run cities are infested with homeless people and crime. It's a circus. To the elites who can afford the insane expenditures associated with the Super Bowl—be safe, but don't be shocked if things go poorly. 


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