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AP Photo/Richard Vogel

At first, I thought some sanity would come from this regarding COVID. It’s here to stay, folks. The state of emergency must end because the virus is not going to be shut down. We all know that, and we should have guessed this would be the case. Joe Biden made a pledge to shut down the virus and his track record on keeping his promise has been a pile of hot garbage. Everyone is going to get COVID at some point in their lives now. It will be treated like the common cold and the flu every year, which is fine. We have therapeutics to treat symptoms now. We have three vaccines and boosters. End the madness. 

One would hope that the hysterics would die down when this does occur, which will undoubtedly cause liberal America to go indiscriminately insane. They like the COVID regime. Government control is their safety blanket. Not saying that the experts have done a solid job here because they haven’t, but the realization that COVID is here to stay is a step towards viewing this virus more rationally. The problem is, and this is no shock, vaccine mandates will be a prerequisite before the official ‘it’s endemic’ declaration can be made (via NY Post):

COVID-19 could become endemic sometime this year as vaccination rates increase, getting the US to a place where Americans “learn to live with it,” a former member of President Biden’s coronavirus task force said Sunday.

Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, who was a member of Biden’s Transition COVID-19 Advisory Board, said the virus could finally get under control with the help of vaccine mandates. That would make it endemic like the flu, which is a constant presence but not a major concern.

“We think that over the course of 2022, we will get to an endemic stage, and the plan is — or the proposal is — we need a strategic plan for that, that covers vaccines, getting more people vaccinated, and the only way to do that, as we’ve been very clear over time, is mandates,” Emanuel said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Emanuel said new treatments and other mitigation measures will also play a role in helping the virus become more manageable.

“We need to improve our ventilation system. We need to get more therapies and get the link between a positive test and getting a therapy much closer so you can actually start in three days, and not only the rich and well-off get it,” he said.

The science is going to say COVID is endemic. The evidence will be overwhelming in the months to come, that this is manageable—but the experts will keep pushing the vaccination rate. We’re already at 70 percent or pretty damn close to it. Both vaccinated and unvaccinated are getting COVID and spreading it, so the reasoning behind the mandates has been nuked. Those who want the vaccine have already been jabbed. You’re not going to convince the unvaccinated, especially since liberal media and the Democratic Party have engaged in nonstop mockery. 

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