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AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

I don’t know how the folks at Newsbusters handle MSNBC. These guys watch it every day. It was already terrible in 2012—it has become much worse obviously. Tracking liberal media bias deserves hazard pay post-2016. So, what do we have on the menu today? Oh, only MSNBC’s Joy Reid suggesting that the unvaccinated should be paid less for not kowtowing to Herr Fauci and the increasingly authoritarian measures being used to combat a virus with a 99 percent survivability rate. It was unhinged. Reid had some COVID panic porn Dr. Lipi Roy, who pretty much says that the unvaccinated should be triaged in a way that denies them immediate care. Curtis Houck clipped the insanity—and even included the transcript. 

Well, I guess you can see why Reid’s show might go bye-bye come spring. This is pure idiocy. When the Left doesn’t get their way, they whine, they throw and tantrum, and then they want you to die or suffer because you didn’t agree with their view. This reaction is applicable to any issue. Also, for all the bleeding heart stories about health care issues that liberal America rambled about for nearly a decade in support of passing and maintaining Obamacare—now they want to kick people to the curb because they didn’t get a shot. 

Also, can we stop the panic about hospitalizations? They’re not being overrun. That’s another huge lie. I think I’ve heard the ‘overrun’ myth being peddled some 500 times now. I’ve heard our hospital system has been on the brink of collapse 1000 times. It never happened. And yes, ICUs are almost always operating at 90 percent capacity. This was true even pre-COVID. If not, the hospital loses money—a lot of money. And what the hell is Roy doing wearing a Fauci t-shirt. Seriously? What a clown show network. It was always the case, but now they’re outwardly declaring that they’re total morons.

They hate you. Just remember that. At its core, these folks just want medical care for liberals, and that’s it. We’re now doling out therapeutics based on race. Everything is out of control and the mayhem is intentional. It keeps the pandemic fear going. It prolongs the suffering—that’s the point. That’s the government coming in to ‘help.’

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