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AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

It seems even the audience for uber-liberal MSNBC isn’t big enough to save Joy Reid. We have reports that her 7 pm show will not survive. We still must deal with her for the cold winter, but when things thaw—she could be gone. Jon Nicosia, formerly of Mediaite and The Washington Examiner, tweeted that a source at Comcast told him Reid is about to be jettisoned from the lineup.


“She does not have a show come mid-Spring,” the source told him.  “The decision has been made, the only thing left is messaging on the move, which will be ratings.” 

He added that Reid has allies at Comcast but they’ve now come to see her as “unmanageable,” and they see her as being untruthful about past events, whatever that means. 


Reid has been gold for sites like ours but especially Newsbusters who monitor the insane ramblings of this network 24/7. Reid is literally the freak-out machine on steroids. Everything is terrible. All Republicans are bad; they’re national security threats. Racism is everywhere like the coding for The Matrix.  Endless outrage is exhausting even for the most ardent Democrat. Every night is doomsday. That’s not really a good business model for a network whose ratings are already in the toilet. I hope this happens, though that does mean less stuff to write about yet I’m sure she’ll be an active guest on all the programs should she lose her show. 

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