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Coming Soon: Anti-COVID Nasal Spray...With Up to Eight Hours of Protection

AP Photo/Steven Senne

COVID is here to stay. It’s endemic. So, while we have three vaccines, other means of controlling and preventing infection will roll out soon. Like with cold/flu season, there will be therapeutics by the fist full. Look, it’s a virus with a 99 percent survivability rate and if people still don’t want the vaccine, there’s means to manage and treat symptoms upon infection. We just need the Democrats, the CDC, Fauci, and the rest of the panic porn crew will simmer down. The pill used to treat COVID and prevent the virus from replicating which was manufactured by Merck will be readily available as Advil in the years to come—either via prescription or over the counter (maybe). Who knows? Another thing that’s being worked on is an anti-COVID nasal spray that can offer up to eight hours of protection (via Fox News):

Scientists at the University of Helsinki have developed a novel nasal spray treatment that can reportedly provide protection against COVID-19 "for hours." 

A release from the university said the Finnish researchers had developed a molecule that has the ability to inactivate the coronavirus spike protein and offers effective short-term protection against the virus.

It said that cell cultures in a petri dish and animal studies have shown that the TriSb92 molecule protects against infection for "at least eight hours even in cases of high exposure risk" and is effective immediately after its administration. 

"TriSb92 potently neutralizes SARS-CoV-2 and its variants of concern, including delta and omicron. Intranasal administration of a modest dose of TriSb92 (5 or 50 micrograms) as early as eight hours before the challenge with SARS-CoV-2 B.1.351 efficiently protected mice from infection," the study's authors wrote. "The target epitope of TriSb92 was defined by cryo-EM, which revealed triggering of a conformational shift in the Spike trimer rather than competition for ACE2 binding as the molecular basis of its strong inhibitory action."


The nasal spray treatment is not a vaccine for COVID-19 and University of Helsinki's professor Kalle Saksela – who works in the laboratory with Makela – is involved in the development of a Finnish nasally administered coronavirus vaccine, which is expected to progress to clinical trials in the spring.

The pair emphasized that TriSb92 is "a solution that supplements vaccines."

"These types of molecules that prevent infections, or antiviral drugs for that matter, cannot substitute for vaccines in protecting the population against the coronavirus disease," Saksela said.

The article does state that while mass production of this spray will be easy, it still hasn’t reached clinical trials yet. Also, will it be considered a drug or a medical device? All things to be decided in time. At the same time, please shut up about the drug not being a vaccine substitution. It’s obvious. It’s a damn spray. Of course, it’s not a vaccine. You should still make it anyway as another thing to have in the arsenal. People know it’s not a vaccine—and just because you say that doesn’t mean people are going to take the vaccine. The vaccine messaging war is over. Those who want it will get it, those who don’t will avoid doing so. End of subject. You don’t need to add that disclaimer for every new therapeutic that’s in the works. 

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