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AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast

You knew this fight was coming. Omicron is everywhere. It’s highly contagious. At this point, everyone is going to get it eventually. It’s not something that should cause embarrassment or shame. That feeling is only present because liberals decided to inject their moral superiority complex into this mess. The red states were the idiots. The rural folks were the morons who got COVID, not us. The elites took every word Fauci said as gospel. They wore 16 masks at a time. They wore moon suits. And the liberal Northeast is teeming with COVID. We’re breaking COVID records daily. Everyone is getting it. Deal with it. It’s endemic and we’re going to have to live with it. So, when our kids were heading back to school after the holidays, are we shocked that the teachers’ union decided to block in-person learning again. They’re all vaccinated. If they get infected, it’s a few days of mild symptoms. It’s not a trip to the hospital or the morgue. Now, even mild, for some—it might not be a walk in the park. Tough. It’s time to get back to work.


With vaccines and other tools, even the medical expert class, which has been off the rails for 18 months or so, are no longer backing the teachers’ unions COVID hysterics anymore. Dr. Leana Wen, the former head of Planned Parenthood, politely said it was time for teachers to get their asses back in the classroom.

“We in public health fought for teachers to be prioritized for vaccines. Vaccines + boosters protect very well against severe illness to omicron. Wearing a high-quality mask further protects you. Teachers unions: Please stop the delays. We need all schools to be in-person, now,” she wrote.

And rightfully so, stroking the egos of teachers’ unions has caused our kids to suffer mental health issues like we’ve never seen. Suicide rates have spiked. Anxiety is through the roof. But the teachers simply don’t care. Hey, I wish I didn’t have to work. I wish I had three months off every year, but I don’t. 

The science says get back to work. We all have—it’s time for these lazy teachers to do the same. Chicago is the focal point in the latest fight concerning COVID and schools (via Fox 32 Chicago):

For the third straight day, Chicago Public Schools students have not been in class as the teachers union and school district clash over Covid-19 safety concerns.

But now, a parents group is suing the Chicago Teachers Union and the union responded Friday afternoon.


Yet, this is just the first part of the longer story. It’s not about long COVID. It’s about the mental health issues that are going to bubble up once we’ve learned to live with COVID like any other pathogen we face every year. 

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