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AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell

We need to relax here, folks. We need to relax. COVID is contagious. Omicron is ripping through the US with 1 million new infections recorded yesterday, but the latter is mild. The overall virus has a very, very high survivability rate. Is it a walk in the park? No—but it’s not super Ebola. This isn’t The Stand or Station Eleven. It’s something we’re going to have to live with after China’s lab experiment gone awry. The experiment that Anthony Fauci’s NIH funded. So, given the hysterics concerning testing and a host of other COVID-related issues, we have a new way to gauge the level of infection. For this, you’re going to have to stick your head in a toilet—literally (via NBC News):


Experts say wastewater holds the key to better understanding the public health of cities and neighborhoods, especially in underserved areas that do not have equal access to care.

“Every time an infected person uses the toilet, they’re flushing this information down the toilet, where it’s collecting and aggregating and mixing with poop from thousands of other people,” said Newsha Ghaeli, a co-founder and the president of Biobot Analytics, a wastewater epidemiology company based in Massachusetts.

“Even if you can’t access a test, you’re still pooping,” Ghaeli said. “It doesn’t depend on you having access to health care or health insurance.”

Monitoring sewage can also measure other public health concerns, such as obesity, opioids and even polio, said Sheree Pagsuyoin, an associate professor of civil and environmental engineering at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. The pandemic has ushered in a new era of wastewater analysis, once a maligned discipline, to inform public health policy.

“It’s sort of like mapping a trend,” Pagsuyoin said, adding that there has been a “paradigm shift” as more cities turn to sewage analysis to better understand local challenges.

Recent wastewater analysis from a variety of sources across the country indicates an unprecedented surge in infections at a time when millions of people are forced to reconsider travel and holiday plans.


Now, we must be aware of ‘poop COVID.’ We’re done. We’re tired. The CDC looks as if they obliterated the remaining vestige of their credibility which has degraded over the past 18 months or so. When they shortened the period of isolation, liberal America went ballistic. The science is no longer to be trusted, huh? The science is wrong. Why is that? Is that because it chipped away at the aura of fear and anxiety that liberals are addicted to with this virus? Maybe. I’m not sifting through crap regarding this virus and the folks. 

‘Poop COVID’—is this where we jumped the shark on this or was that eon ago? I know you all think it’s the latter. It most definitely is, but what moments? I feel like this has been a brutal descent down the slope ending only with the mangled corpse of the expert class who torched everything to help their side win a presidential election.  

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