MSNBC Panel on ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ Was as Insane as You’d Expect

Posted: Dec 29, 2021 1:35 PM
MSNBC Panel on ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ Was as Insane as You’d Expect

Source: AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

They can't handle it. We've been telling you this for weeks. They have no response, and they're beyond enraged about it. They had "F*** Trump." We have "Let's go, Brandon." We all know what it means, but we can thank the liberal media for making it G-rated and fun for the whole family. Again, NBC News deserves the credit when their reporter tried to run interference for Joe Biden when Brandon Brown won at Talladega last October. The crowd was clearly not saying, "Let's Go, Brandon." The movement was born thereafter. 

Since then, the left has tried to mock us by saying no one cares about the chant, though they get really, really irritated by it. They're crying behind their smiley face mask. It's hilarious. I love it. Everyone should say it. It's also spawned some grade-A idiocy from the liberal media. We have senior editors at The Atlantic saying that the chant is a war cry for insurrection. 

And now, we have MSNBC with the slow-moving insurrection hot take. Oh yes, we're still not moving on from Mr. Schmeck's Christmas call to Biden, which ended with him telling the president, "Let's go, Brandon." 

Biden agreed (via Newsbusters): 

After playing the now-viral clip of Jared Schmeck, a former Oregon police officer and father of four saying the phrase to Biden during a phone call while the President was at the NORAD “Santa tracking center”, Wallace criticized Schmeck for appearing on Steve Bannon’s podcast after being doxxed.

She then proceeded to play a clip of Schmeck’s interview with Bannon, before going to her guests Jason Johnson host of MSNBC’s The Week and MSNBC contributor and former Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill: 

Donald Trump is my President and he should still be President right now. The election was 100% stolen. So I just want to make that clear. Um but, Let's go Brandon is more than just “F Joe Biden”. Let’s go Brandon is, it encompasses the entirety of our frustration with Joe Biden, the administration, the leftist mob, the cancel culture, the mainstream media. They are the ones who made this a thing. And we’re, we’re able, as conservatives, we are able to find humor in this. But there is terrible things going on.

In response, Wallace went into a deranged rant about how we shouldn’t look at this as a story about “giving air time to a MAGA guy who goes on Steve Bannon's podcast,” instead, Wallace wants us to believe that saying “let’s go Brandon” is a “slow-motion insurrection.”

They are obsessed with 1/6. I mean, we knew this would be a thing for liberal America, but this is crack cocaine-like addiction. No one cares about the January 6 riot. No one. We've all moved on to other things in the hectic arena that is life. This wasn't Pearl Harbor or 9/11, and no matter how hard liberals want us to care, we don't. No one cares. Still, they're beating the drum hard, even venturing into the far reaches of insanity to manufacture a narrative that an innocuous chant is a call for violence. 

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