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AP Photo/Gerald Herbert

You knew this was going to be tossed into the ring. You knew this talking point was coming. Democrats and liberals always pull this stuff when it comes to their agenda items.


‘If you don’t pass our bill, people will die. If you’re don’t pass our bill, the world will end. If you don’t pass our bill, health care will collapse.’ 

Insert any post-apocalyptic scenario and you’ll figure out the legislative and communications playbook of liberal America. So, it shouldn’t shock us that climatologist Michael Mann went on MSNBC and declared that passing ‘build back better’ would make tornados less severe or something. No one believes that. Okay, no one with cognitive function believes that. Liberal America is doing what they do best which is exploiting tragedy—like the tornados that ripped through Kentucky—to push for their green agenda…again.

Then, he went onto CNBC to declare that scientists who disagreed with him should be censored. Also, climate change is deadlier than COVID. It’s killed more people. You need to pick a pandemic, folks. Granted, I hope the Left eats on both talking points, but being able to mock, point, and laugh at you one stupid narrative at a time prolongs the entertainment. 


Liberals have no common sense, which means there’s no direction. No one cares about this. No one—but I’m also not shocked to see that the ‘I am science, and you cannot question me’ line isn’t just parroted by Dr. Anthony Fauci. 

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