A Boat Won an Award in a VA Parade, But the Political Correctness Police Stripped Them of the Prize

Posted: Dec 10, 2021 3:05 PM
A Boat Won an Award in a VA Parade, But the Political Correctness Police Stripped Them of the Prize

Source: AP Photo/Charlie Riedel

Well, congrats to the winners, but there will always be the fun police to ruin everything. It was the political correctness police. A boat won a Christmas parade in Yorktown, Virginia. It got first place. It was a beautiful boat too. Yet, the display they had was just too offensive, and they had their first-place finish rescinded by organizers. The 50-foot Southern Rock had "Let's go Brandon" written on the side in Christmas lights. If you missed it, "let's go Brandon" means "f**k Joe Biden."

It was made famous here during a NASCAR event (via Free Beacon): 

A panel of judges for Yorktown, Virginia's annual Christmas boat parade on Saturday awarded Captain Bill Berger's 50-foot craft, Southern Rock, "best of show" for its light display, which included the popular slogan and the initials "FJB." After receiving complaints from some residents, however, the parade's sponsor, the Yorktown Foundation, rescinded the award, saying the boat's "overt political message" could jeopardize the nonprofit's tax-exempt status.

"While we recognize that political divisiveness is a factor in our daily discourse, we DO NOT want it to negatively impact anyone's enjoyment of our community events," the foundation said in a statement. "We regret that this incident occurred, and we will work to avoid such events in the future."


Berger defended his light display, saying event organizers were aware of his boat's anti-Biden theme. The boat captain also said "FJB" stands for "falling Joe Biden," saying, "If you choose to interpret ‘bad words' that's on you." The boat included a display of President Joe Biden falling off a ladder.

"We have a horrible president," Berger told a local news affiliate. "Is it inappropriate? In today's world, I don't think so."

Captain Berger is right. It's not inappropriate. And Biden does suck. It's all warranted. At the same time, given how liberals are nowadays—Yorktown could have had its tax-exempt status come under threat. Have we forgotten what happened with the IRS in 2013? Yet, the overall point here is that political correctness kills everything. Wokeness kills everything too. As Trump said, "Everything woke turns to s**t."