Oh, So This Is What Young Liberals Really Hate

Posted: Dec 08, 2021 3:05 PM
Oh, So This Is What Young Liberals Really Hate

Source: Matthew Hinton/The Advocate via AP

So, you’ve probably known this for a long time, but if you ever get into a fight with a liberal about left-wing intolerance—here’s your go-to data set. Young liberals are some of the most fragile and intolerant cretins in America. Again, you all know this, but the ongoing lie is that Democrats are the most tolerant. They want an America that works for everyone—and they have the liberal media apparatus to sell it. It’s a great con job (via Axios):

Nearly a quarter of college students wouldn't be friends with someone who voted for the other presidential candidate — with Democrats far more likely to dismiss people than Republicans — according to new Generation Lab/Axios polling.


5% of Republicans said they wouldn't be friends with someone from the opposite party, compared to 37% of Democrats.

71% of Democrats wouldn't go on a date with someone with opposing views, versus 31% of Republicans.

30% of Democrats — and 7% of Republicans — wouldn't work for someone who voted differently from them.

Between the lines: Democrats argue that modern GOP positions, spearheaded by former President Trump — are far outside of the mainstream and polite conversation.

Some have expressed unyielding positions on matters of identity — including abortion, LGBTQ rights and immigration — where they argue human rights, and not just policy differences, are at stake.

And there you have it. We think these are policy disagreements, which they are—but the Left views this as a window into one’s soul. If you disagree with them, you’re a Nazi. Yeah, that sounds like healthy, right? It also accounts for why these people are always miserable. A world where everything is the same and everyone agrees is insanity. Again, it also explains why these clowns are drawn to left-wing authoritarianism. They’re simply not normal people and should be regarded as such. They despise us so we should hate them twice as much. That’s the rule. 

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