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Spencer Brown/ TH

The Left is freaking out about the abortion case that’s been argued in front of the Supreme Court. They’re worried about Roe v. Wade. They’ve jacked up the hyperbole to eleven, which is about everything now. We have late-night hosts declaring that the mere fact that this case is being heard means we're no longer a democracy or something. It’s grade-A idiocy, and then there’s The View. Co-host Joy Behar went on an odd rant about how conservatives just care about having sex not about what happens after or something. Sorry, it’s hard to decipher things that are braindead. We’re literally debating what happens after, Joy—and she has the balls to say that those who aren’t pro-abortion don’t understand the complexities of this whole thing. 

Yeah, that’s a classic moral superiority complex move: ‘my view is so great…that none of you can understand it.’ In actual fact, It’s a point so logically flawed and backward that you have to wonder if it’s a parody. There’s also the fact that the view they’re trying to make is just so unpopular that they’re too embarrassed to say how they truly feel. The Left is pro-abortion to the point where they think full-grown babies should be chopped up and sucked out. Not even the socialists in Europe view that as acceptable, and we all know how American leftists view these folks as the angels of utopia. Why are leftists so afraid of having a debate? Is it because they’ll lose? Probably, but the liberal freakout will be delicious should things go our way when it comes to protecting the unborn. The flip-side is that this is exactly what Democrats, and Joe Biden, need to re-animate the Democratic Party base which will remain jolted through the 2022 election cycle. It’s abortion. It’s the Democratic Party. This is the issue that keeps them going. 

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