Finally, Even Liberals Realize the Lincoln Project Totally Sucks

Posted: Nov 29, 2021 12:45 PM
Finally, Even Liberals Realize the Lincoln Project Totally Sucks

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These guys are insufferable. You all know it. We know it. The Lincoln Project is stocked by unprincipled operatives, who have a long record of losing. It's rightfully criticized as a grift machine. The Democrats liked them for a hot second in 2020 for obvious reasons after they got President Dementia into office. Yet, there's the backing of the string of loser candidates, the tiki torch fiasco, and the ongoing controversy about the sexual proclivities of one of its now-former cofounders. In the end, very fine people, on both sides, now can't stand the Lincoln Project (via Politico): 

The outside political organization headed by disaffected Republicans and other top Democratic operatives has experienced caustic blowups, internal disputes over beach house-level paydays, and disturbing allegations involving a disgraced co-founder. A recent campaign stunt evoking the march on Charlottesville to close the Virginia governor’s race earned them near universal scorn. And one of the organization's most recognized members is facing blowback for rooting for another Trump nomination on grounds that he’d be the easiest Republican to beat in the general election.

“Read the room,” said Zac Petkanas, a Democratic strategist and former senior aide to Hillary Clinton. “They sound like me in 2016.”

“It is incredibly important that we all head into the upcoming elections with a level of humility and fresh eyes about what the political landscape is going to look like,” Petkanas added. “It would be a mistake to know for certain who is easier to beat than somebody else. We’ve all seen this movie before and they occasionally have a twist ending.”

Officials working for the Lincoln Project contend they’re simply being practical — even shrewd — about the new political climate, in which Trump is likely to be the GOP nominee anyway and brass-knuckle tactics are now the norm.

President Joe Biden even called one of the Lincoln Project co-founders Steve Schmidt after the 2020 election to say thank you for the group’s work helping him get elected, according to a person familiar. The White House did not comment.

Joe Biden called to thank these guys. The publication added how this group is mostly unhelpful and that any good ads they cut for Terry McAuliffe in the Virginia gubernatorial race were trashed by the tiki torch stunt that epically backfired. Some even view them as a drain on campaign resources. As much as we hate these guys, they've endured plenty of heat from the press. They're seasoned campaign operatives. They know how to take all the swipes for the most part. Also, they don't seem to care. Have you seen the purchases these guys made post-2020? They're rolling in cash. It doesn't matter whether their candidates win or not. They're getting paid. John Weaver, who has been deep-sixed from the website, was listed as a cofounder until his sexual harassment scandal involving young men was exposed. You'd think that would finish them and it almost did, but they're still around. 

The irony is that wanting Trump to be the 2024 nominee is not that bad of an idea from this crew. I'd certainly vote for him again. And even Democrats know that a re-match with Joe, post-COVID protocols, and saddled with all these economic issues could see Trump winning the White House again. Oh, please—Joe can do several events a day leading up to Election Day 2024. That might kill him—and I'm not even joking about that. 

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