Oh, So That's Why a High School Student Got Slapped with a Suspension

Posted: Nov 24, 2021 3:30 PM
Oh, So That's Why a High School Student Got Slapped with a Suspension

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Well, it would seem one New Hampshire high school has a problem with simple biology. No, scratch that—it's facts. This school cannot let facts be declared because it might offend someone. Exeter High School is facing a lawsuit from a student who says he was slapped with a suspension from athletics because he declared there were only two genders. 

Great Odin's raven! He said a fact, but some facts must be censored to ensure that the whole community isn't triggered. That's the left. The clowns who say they're the party of science…until they're not (via NY Post): 

The lawsuit was filed Nov. 4 through an attorney with the Christian organization Cornerstone Action with the claim that he stated a Catholic-based belief that there are only male and female genders, the Portsmouth Herald reported.

The kid’s lawsuit also claims Exeter’s policy on non-binary gender identity and pronouns infringes on his First Amendment rights.

The policy says students have the right to be addressed by a name and pronoun of their choosing related to their gender identities and also says those who don’t recognize others’ gender identities or pronouns are violating the policy.

The student doesn’t deny he violated the policy, the lawsuit says, according to the Herald.

“He in fact denied, and will continue to deny, that any person can belong to a gender other than that of ‘male’ or ‘female’” the lawsuit says.

The student, it goes on, “will never refer to any individual person using plural pronouns such as ‘they,’ using contrived pronouns such as ‘ze,’ or with any similar terminology that reflects values which (the student) does not share.”


A female student overheard the discussion and allegedly told the student there were more than two genders.

“No there isn’t: There’s only two genders,” the student allegedly replied.

Wait—he got clipped by the rat squad? Some girl ratted him out. The thought police then went to work—got it. This is ridiculous. Even the Olympics is reconsidering their transgender policy, especially when it comes to weightlifting competitions. Why? It's because they're dudes. They were born male. They have testosterone that gives them an inherent advantage. It's one of those differences that prove there are two genders. 

This is why the snowflake swipe works for the left and never the other way around. Liberals are triggered by non-offensive facts. Liberals say something terrible, like gloating about the people killed in the Waukesha Christmas parade post-Rittenhouse verdict, and then say, "the Right is triggered." Yeah, because what you said was actually terrible; a child and five others died. 

Saying there are two genders is a fact. 

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