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Screenshot via Saturday Night Live

I haven’t watched Saturday Night Live in years for obvious reasons. It’s one thing to stay up late at night to watch something that’s funny. For the better part of a decade, SNL has been decidedly un-funny. Yes, it has its moments, like David Pumpkins and throwbacks to Celebrity Jeopardy, but the show has been a train wreck. It’s a sign of the times, especially the increasingly unhinged attitudes of the left. The "woke" can’t do comedy. You all know this, and that’s been displayed brutally on the show. Now, Black Jeopardy was a funny skit that featured Tom Hanks as a stereotypical white working-class voter, but that was five years ago


Yet, the nuance in that skit was well-placed. It was good. 

Over the weekend, that element was present in the "Republican or not" skit, which was actually pretty good. Sure, you’re not going to get a skit that totally rips liberals, but bashing both sides—I’ll take it. It’s simple. It’s a game show where contestants guess if someone is a Republican based on specific clues. 

It includes all the hot issues, like COVID vaccine mandates, the January 6 riot, religion, the NFL, and school boards, threading them into a pretty good skit that again circles back to the nuances that are fraught with all these issues. It easily could have gone off the rails since the left is triggered by everything mentioned above, but the show did a good job here. Don’t pop champagne though because the next 45,000 skits are going to revert back to being terrible. 


Side note: Yeah, the "I hate cops" clue which relates to Capitol Police was a silly swipe, but this is NBC. They're not going to be batting 1.000 here. 

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