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The Democratic Party's Bleeding Over 2021 Election Has Yet to Stop. Here's The Latest Issue.

You cannot win them all. That’s especially true in politics. Democrats think they’re entitled to win them all. If they lose, it’s racism, misogyny, or any nonsensical item that fills up the ‘woke’ menu. It could be that you just suck. That’s what happened in Virginia. Terry McAuliffe is just not a good candidate. He got lucky in 2013. How do we know this? He was trounced by Virginia State Sen. Creigh Deeds in the 2009 gubernatorial primary. He didn’t get 50 percent in that race. He didn’t get 50 percent in his 2013 win. And he sure as hell didn’t break that mark in 2021. He blew himself up when he told parents that they should have zero say in what is taught to their kids in school. He declared war on moms. He declared war on parents. Not good. He also told Hispanic voters to “get busy” to boost their numbers. He danced awkwardly at sparsely attended pit stops. It was a bad, BAD operation. Also, Joe Biden was no help. Most Virginia voters do not approve of his job performance. He dragged down the ticket for sure. 


So, was it messaging? Was it the candidate? The usual questions aren’t being asked by Democrats or their liberal media allies because they believe McAuliffe lost due to white supremacy. Right, we elected the first black lieutenant governor of Virginia and the first Latino attorney general…because of all these white supremacists. Check out this tweet. It sums up the liberal media reaction.


And as they waste time throwing a tantrum that no normal American ever throws when they lose an election, they’re missing that Gov-elect Glenn Youngkin probably got the largest share of the nonwhite vote in over four decades. That he got a sizable share of college-educated white women. The two core groups that Democrats think belong to them are drifting away. Now, college-educated whites will probably wing back to the Democrats. I don’t see that with nonwhites, especially nonwhite working-class voters. First, white college educated liberals still dominate the Democratic Party and its messaging which is way too extreme for these folks. They’re not gung-ho about defunding the police. Second, these people also hate the poor and have used the crusade of anti-racism to hide behind their antipathy towards those who aren’t like them—and everyone sees right through it. 

So, please—keep frothing at the mouth over matters that don’t exist or aren’t real. The larger issue here is that Joe Biden is toxic to the Democratic Party and will probably remain so since he’s spectacularly bad at crisis management. 2022 midterms have begun and the field is looking like one where Democrats will be killed everywhere. 


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