Why Did You Do That, Netflix CEO? The Woke Mob Was Mostly Defeated Over Dave Chappelle Controversy

Posted: Oct 21, 2021 12:45 PM
Why Did You Do That, Netflix CEO? The Woke Mob Was Mostly Defeated Over Dave Chappelle Controversy

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They will make you care. They will threaten you. They will make you kowtow. Even when they lose, they make it appear as if they won, which only explains why Netflix decided to cave to the woke mob over comedian Dave Chappelle's latest comedy special. 

Chappelle has been making fun of the transgender community for years, which has caused a level-nine meltdown with liberals. Netflix transgender employees tried to get a walk-out going. Some of the remote employees were even braver and logged off early. Such a privilege, right? And here's the best part—no one cared. 

Chappelle is funny. His jokes were funny. Get the hell over it. 

Some groups wanted Netflix to remove the special, "The Closer," from its streaming service. Nope. It's making too much money. Only the most left-wing and insane seem to care about Chappelle's transgender jokes, which made this group even more miserable. Maybe, that's a sign that whatever you're frothing at the mouth over really isn't a big deal to normal people. Still, the streaming service CEO waved the white flag of surrender (via WSJ): 

Netflix Inc. Co-Chief Executive Ted Sarandos said he “screwed up” in his efforts to communicate with employees who were upset over “The Closer,” a recent comedy special by Dave Chappelle in which he made remarks that some viewed as offensive to the transgender community.

In emails to Netflix staff after the special’s debut earlier this month, Mr. Sarandos defended “The Closer,” citing its popularity on the platform and the company’s commitment to creative freedom. He also said the company believed “content on screen doesn’t directly translate to real-world harm.”

In “The Closer,” which was released earlier this month and is currently among the most-watched programs on the service in the U.S., Mr. Chappelle said “gender is a fact” and said he identified as a “TERF,” an acronym that stands for “trans-exclusionary radical feminist.” He also compared the transgender community to people who wear blackface.

“What I should have led with in those emails was humanity,” Mr. Sarandos said in an interview Tuesday evening. “I should have recognized the fact that a group of our employees was really hurting.”

Oh, screw that, man. Fire these people and hire new ones. You can't have folks like this kicking and screaming every time they get upset. It's comedy. Relax. And the worst part is Sarandos didn't even need to say anything. He had won. No one was canceling subscriptions. The special was making so much money Netflix needed wheelbarrows to count it. Normalcy had won. Rationality had won. Normal people had won. Comedy had won. These people were just yelling into a bubble—no one cared—but you just had to do this, huh? 

Watch Dave Chappelle's special and get a good laugh. That's all I'll say. And gender is a fact. 

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