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AP Photo/Mark Schiefelbein

It's not a high-class problem. Yes, we've mentioned this before, but the Biden crew seems to think inflation is a crisis that only impacts the rich. For some reason, they think working- and middle-class families don't eat, drink, or use a variety of common household goods. 

Proctor and Gamble recently announced that toothpaste, toilet paper, toothbrushes, and even razor blades will be seeing a price spike, but only rich people use those, right? We don't have real people governing us. Sorry, who the hell thinks inflation only impacts the wealthy? The CEO of Heinz said we should be bracing for permanent spikes in food prices. The looming global supply crisis at the ports is also exacerbating the issue—and Joe Biden is asleep at the wheel. 

In his mind, he's solved it. He's going to make the ports work 24/7. Yeah, we don't have the labor, Joe. If President Brain Worm were paying attention, he'd know that his diet of government cheese to the unemployed for months has disincentivized them to find work. We have a labor shortage. Who's going to drive the goods to their locations as well? Biden thinks keeping the ports open longer is good because the roads aren't as congested during the nighttime. That's literally what he thinks solves this issue. He gave a speech, and now he's done. He's created a task force that will probably fail because he's abjectly incompetent. In the meantime, his transportation secretary has secretly been on paternity leave. Get your ass back to the office, Pete. 

And given how the surrounding counties around Washington, DC, are usually recession-proof and some of the wealthiest being loaded with government workers and lobbyists, even these areas cannot be spared from the Biden food price spike. Some folks raged that they couldn't afford half of the items at their local grocery stores (via Fox News): 

Shoppers in a Washington, D.C., suburb reacted to surging grocery prices amid supply-chain bottlenecks and rising inflation.

"Can't afford half the stuff… I think it's outrageous," one shopper in Lanham, Maryland, a city 10 miles northeast from the district, told Fox News.

"It's crazy!" another woman leaving Costco said.
 Food prices rose 4.6% since September 2020, according to the latest Consumer Price Index. Meat, poultry, fish, and eggs rose 10.5%, the most drastic increase among food items. 

"You can definitely feel the difference … it takes an impact on your entire life," a Wegmans shopper told Fox News. She said she's started going to a discount store for meats and other items.

This is torching people's wallets—and the Biden administration doesn't care. They're more focused on passing trillion-dollar-plus spending packages that will only make the inflation crisis worse. And again, wait until winter when the damage Joe has done to natural gas forces people to make difficult decisions concerning food, the electric bill, and heating their homes. 

Biden's war on natural gas is going to cause heating bills to spike at least 30-50 percent in some parts of the country. Working-class Americans are screwed. Fixed-income seniors are screwed. Is this build back better? Nope—and this guy was never going to make that happen—ever. In his long history in DC, Joe Biden has done nothing worth applauding. His only accomplishment is that he stumbled into becoming Obama's VP—and even he knew that Joe was a f*** up. 

But this is what 81 million people allegedly voted for, right? 

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