Why One Man Has His Organ Transplant Surgery Delayed. Prepare to Be Hit With Stupidity

Posted: Oct 13, 2021 1:30 PM
Why One Man Has His Organ Transplant Surgery Delayed. Prepare to Be Hit With Stupidity

Source: AP Photo/Nick Ut

"What the hell are we doing?" asked WMAL's Larry O'Connor. T. Becket Adams noted that organ failure has a mortality rate of 100 percent. It's all true. The debate over the COVID vaccine has now expanded into nationwide mandates. The Biden administration has a mandate that OSHA will enforce on private businesses with 100 employees or more. Other entities mandate policies of their own. Take this hospital that requires all organ donors to be vaccinated, which led to one man being screwed out of his kidney transplant days before critical surgery. Yep, the donor was not vaccinated, so the whole life-saving operation was scuttled (via NY Post): 

An Ohio man in need of a kidney transplant had his operation canceled days before the life-saving surgery due to his donor not being vaccinated against COVID-19, his family said.

Mike Ganin, 52, was five days away from his scheduled surgery when he received the news from the Cleveland Clinic about the new policy that would prevent him from accepting the donor’s kidney, news station WKYC reported.

“It made us feel like we were back to square one,” his wife, Debi, told the outlet. “I’ve been terrified. Sometimes I have my moments that I don’t think about it, but it comes back, and I think, ‘What’s going to happen?'”

Under the new rules, living donors must be vaccinated in order to donate an organ.

While Ganinin is vaccinated, his donor, Sue George, has no plans to get the shot.

 “I don’t want to get the vaccine. I’ve got reasons — medical, religious, and also freedom,” she told the outlet.

This wasn’t a secret apparently. The publication added that George told doctors from the start that she had no plans to get vaccinated. 

In a statement, the Cleveland Clinic defended the COVID vaccine policy with regards to organ transplants saying, "Living donation for organ transplantation has been a life-saving treatment, but it is not without risks to the donor. For the living donor, preventing COVID-19 infection around the time of their surgery and recovery is crucial." 

That's the only risk regarding a procedure like this? C'mon, guys—the anesthesia could also kill Mr. Ganin. Enough. It's surgery. There's a laundry list of risks that can cause complications. Can we also stop acting like hospitals are bastions of hygiene as well? That's a huge lie. These places are not the cleanest—that's been known for years. It's full of sick people. So, to derail a life-saving operation because of fear over a virus with a 99 percent survival rate sounds pretty ridiculous.