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AP Photo/Alex Brandon

I thought the adults were back. Jobs would be flowing. The norms would be returned. COVID would be shut down. And Joe Biden would unite the country. If you had believed any of that—this must be your first dabbling in politics because it was all a lie. These guys all lie. Even the ones I like—lie…a lot. Yet, we’re not going into the former items because you know those are a dumpster fire. I’m talking about the united part. Are we heading for a collapse? Is the United States of America as we know it about to be broken up? We’ve heard this since forever. There’s always been some liberal or conservative commentator that’s spoken about the national divorce. 

This would be the second iteration of this being that the American Civil War was the first bloody attempt at this experiment. Red states and blue states have long tolerated each other, I guess. But there’s a difference in culture for sure. It’s between educated, snobby, woke, and insufferably condescending white college liberals versus everyone else it would seem. Even non-whites can’t take the white progressives who use terms like “Latinx” when referring to Latinos. They’re a minority for sure, but like a COVID hot spot—they dominate areas of cultural power. The news stories zeroed in on the number showing that most Trump supporters want to secede from the union. That’s not shocking. If you’re on social media and perused the ‘Libs of Tik Tok’ account—you’d want to head for the hills as well. No, it was the 41 percent of Biden supporters who felt the same. That means not only has Joe Biden failed to unite the country, which again sadly isn’t surprising, it also means that A LOT of Americans want a breakup—now (via NY Post):

More than half of all voters who backed Donald Trump in last year’s presidential election say they “somewhat agree” with the proposition that red states should break away from the US, while, 41 percent of Biden voters “somewhat agree” with the idea of blue states doing the same thing, according to a new poll

The shocking survey from the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics found a quarter of Trump voters say they “strongly agree” with the idea of red-state succession, while 18 percent of Biden voters back a blue state breakaway.

“The divide between Trump and Biden voters is deep, wide, and dangerous,” Center for Politics Director Larry Sabato said in a statement. “The scope is unprecedented, and it will not be easily fixed.”

The survey, which was taken in late July and early August and surveyed more than 1,000 Trump supporters and 1,000 Biden backers, makes for alarming reading for those concerned about political differences in America.

“It will not be easily fixed” is an understatement. I can’t tell you how many folks around here think that traveling to states like South Carolina is akin to a journey to Mars. The city folk freaks out when they see gas stations in rural America selling ammunition. It’s not new. These figures mean that elections will be challenged no matter who wins, that civil unrest will probably erupt in close races, and that we’re inching ever so closer to civil war. It’s not just a debate topic or an academic exercise. It’s real. It’s not entered the realm of possibility. 

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