Oh, So That's Why the Liberal Mob Turned on a CNN Reporter

Posted: Sep 22, 2021 6:00 AM
Oh, So That's Why the Liberal Mob Turned on a CNN Reporter

Source: AP Photo/Ron Harris

It's a little bit of old news but it's something that should be rehashed. The California recall has come and gone. There are simply too many liberals in the state to boot an incompetent clown whose name is Gavin Newsom. 

Newsom's recall effort could be traced to the COVID lockdown, where he forced everyone to go inside but decided to abscond to Napa with his wife for a bougie dinner at The French Laundry with friends. No masks and no social distancing were seen in the photos taken. And the attendees included members of the health care industry. It makes you wonder whether COVID was serious or not since California's governor was flouting the rules—openly. 

As Election Day drew closer last Tuesday, CNN's Kasie Hunt decided to weigh in on the contest—and it did not make liberals happy at all (via Fox News): 

Hunt’s comments were quickly ratioed as prominent lefties appeared irked that CNN’s chief national affairs analyst didn’t toe the company line. 

Hunt’s former MSNBC colleague Malcolm Nance didn’t appreciate her analysis. 

"Oh this is just plain old stupid," Nance wrote. 

Activist Darlene McDonald reacted, "How does a really good news anchor get this so very wrong? We all make mistakes. I employ Ms Hunt to take a second look at this and perhaps, rewrite it with a renewed outlook. I'm not giving up on her. She's better than this take."

CNN is known for presenting opinion hosts such as Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo as "anchors," but USA Today editor Doug Farrar responded that Hunt "gets reporting and opinion confused to a truly gobsmacking degree."

Daily Beast columnist Wajahat Ali called it "terrible analysis," while conservative writer Carmine Sabia noted "Kasie Hunt nailed it and liberals are pissed."

Far-left, former MSNBC star Keith Olbermann declared it is "genuinely hard to believe you have spent any days prior to this one covering politics."

Well, wait a minute—what did she say? 

CA GOV BIG PICTURE: One of the top Democrats in the country got caught living like an elite while everyone else suffered. Elites vs. the rest is the driving force in our politics right now and Democrats have a tough needle to thread both in California & nationwide ...  Democrats need to prove they can govern for EVERYBODY, and if you look at California -- it's not necessarily the best test case for national Democrats (see: concern about homelessness, crime, etc) 

Republicans not named Trump did learn they had unrealized opportunities with working class voters (including Black and Latino voters) as they watched 2020 returns roll in… Obviously California is a Special Place -- but the fact that a Democratic national star in waiting *faced* a recall and then had to fight hard for it midway through the campaign does say a lot about the potential challenges Democrats face across the map especially if President Biden can't demonstrate he's capable of getting the resurgent pandemic under control, has another competence crisis a la Afghanistan, can't get his budget plan through Congress, etc.

I can't believe it—but I'm actually going to give a defense of CNN here. This isn't an insane read at all. The only people who frothed at the mouth over this were the usual clowns who do nothing but digest inside the bubble analyses that stroke their moral superiority complex. Newsom faced a recall while Andrew Cuomo was forced to resign in disgrace over sexual misconduct allegations. The beacons of liberal America got trashed. Cuomo was a reported creepy groper. Newsom felt the COVID rules didn't apply. It's not the best look and his survival is not indicative of a blue wave. Democrats only have a four-seat majority in the House. If things keep going poorly, and they will because we have a president whose mind is being eaten by worms, there's no way Democrats keep the House. And yes, the reactions to Hunt's take show that liberals will not be successful reaching out to people who aren't them—which is most of the country. This is not a liberal country, and it never will be no matter how hard the Left tries to subject us to their woke tendencies. They're insane. 

A Democratic governor was saved by Democratic voters in an insanely Democratic state. Wow—I'm stunned. I need to sit down, but that's what liberals are taking as their drug of choice when it comes to 2022 tea leaves. They think this can be applied everywhere in the country—this recall win. It's not that simple. And as long as liberals scoff and denigrate those who give reasonable analysis, Democrats will continue to not only lose working-class whites but nonwhite working-class voters as well. It's already happening—and that could spell trouble for Democrats nationwide for years to come. 

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