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Photo via Gage Skidmore

I mean, this story has been a circus, but an entertaining one. It shows how the so-called experts have failed when it comes to messaging regarding the COVID vaccine, which might be intentional. There is a vested interest with the political class in keeping us all locked up. It also blows up the Left’s media narrative yet again about who is hesitant to take the vaccine. Nicki Minaj is not a MAGA supporter. She’s not a voracious reader of conservative media probably. And yet she used her platform to talk about her cousin’s friend’s reported reaction to the vaccine that hit him below the waist. Now, this was probably an STD, but Fox News’ Tucker Carlson zeroed in on the part of the tweet that he feels probably got the corona-amigos and the lab coat fascists upset.


Forget the swollen gonads part. Here’s how Minaj ended the tweet that set off this firestorm.


“So just pray on it & make sure you’re comfortable with your decision, not bullied,” she wrote.

Carlson noted that’s a problem for the political class since bullying is how they get their stuff done. Minaj decided to tweet this clip and the Left was not pleased. 

Someone erroneously said that Carlson was a “white nationalist,” but Minaj didn’t care:

Yeah, she really doesn’t care what the woke Left thinks.

“Don’t tell me I can’t agree with a Republican,” she said.


What could have been resolved easily was quickly turned into a mess because the liberal media, like their allies in the political class, needs to denigrate and humiliate those with whom they find deplorable. Minaj is simply not the woman to mess with—and the establishment media found that out the hard way. She won’t cave. Now, we have Fauci weighing in, along with CNN’s Don Lemon. It’s mayhem and I’m all for it. These idiots simply cannot take the hint. We stopped listening to them eons ago. When they warned of a COVID apocalypse after Spring Break, and nothing happened—that was the clue. People are back in the stadiums. We’re back to going out to dinner. We’re outside. We have three vaccines. We’re done, guys. Texas has been without a mask mandate for months. They were a neanderthal state. Nothing happened. Delta has peaked. It’s over. 

Annoy a liberal and go to a ballgame. Go to a football game. Pack those stadiums. Enjoy life. And if you want the vaccine, go for it. If not, I really don’t blame you. After Fauci and his crew offered an orgy of contradictory advice and pure science fiction—I can see why millions are not going to get the shot. 

I had COVID. I recovered. I still got vaccinated, but it was my choice. After the fun over Minaj’s tweet has passed—we must deal with Biden and OSHA, who he deputized as a medial Stasi. All private businesses with 100 or more employees must enact a vaccine mandate. I have a feeling this month’s jobs report will also be trash. 


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