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AP Photo/Evan Vucci

I guess the honeymoon is over because Joe Biden is officially toxic in several key swing districts that are  controlled by Democrats. Across the board, the president has sunk in his approval for handling issues like the economy and foreign policy. That’s no shock. The exit from Afghanistan was a disaster. We left Americans behind. We’re blowing up innocent Afghan families via drone strikes to make it look like we’re killing terrorists when we’re not. Our allies were furious that we ripped the rug from under them in Afghanistan, and now France is recalling its ambassador over a major flap concerning a new defensive alliance between the US, Australia, and the United Kingdom. It involves the acquisition of nuclear-powered submarines by Australia. Now, we have Gen. Mark Milley, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, going outside the chain of command to warn China that he would give them a heads up should the US attack. He was worried about a war between the two nations in the waning days of the Trump administration. That’s deep state antics. 

On the issue of the economy, job creation has been abysmal, and inflation is rising. Joe Biden is AWOL on these matters. Oh, and the $3.5 trillion bill on so-called human infrastructure also gets low marks in these districts (via NY Post):

President Biden’s approval numbers have taken a hit in seven Democrat-controlled swing districts, according to a new poll commissioned by conservative advocacy group American Action Network released on Tuesday. 

The survey — conducted by Remington Research Group — showed the president underwater by an average of 7 percentage points on the economy and 9 percent on foreign policy in the areas polled, which include California’s 10th Congressional District, Florida’s 7th Congressional District, Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District, Michigan’s 8th and 11th Congressional Districts, Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District and Washington’s 8th Congressional District. 

The surveys found that Biden and the Democrats’ plan to move forward with a $3.5 trillion social spending could prove to be a liability for the party’s members that serve in the battleground districts, with an average of just 36 percent approving on average to the 55 percent that said they disapprove of the proposal. 

According to the poll, when asked whether they believed the $3.5 trillion in spending is “unnecessary and wasteful … in addition to the $6 trillion that has already been passed for COVID recovery and other programs,” just 35 percent of respondents said they believed the spending is necessary while 55 percent said they feel it is unnecessary.

Keep in mind that Democrats only have a four-seat majority in the House. At the same time, we’re months away from the 2022 midterm elections. A lot can happen. Biden could pivot and get through this, but for now—he’s sucking…big league. 

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