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Biden Can't Even Do Drone Strikes Right

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Joe Biden promised retaliation for the terrorist attack that killed 13 US service members, most of them were US Marines. He did follow through on that promise, launching a drone strike that reportedly killed the planners of this heinous suicide attack near Kabul’s airport. We had struck back against ISIS-K, right? Well, not so fast. We may have blown some people halfway to hell, but it appears it wasn’t terrorists. It appears we wiped out an innocent family. Now, this is the reality. There will be collateral damage in such operations. In fact, opponents of the Disposition Matrix—an Obama initiative—have rightly said this has been a byproduct for years—innocent civilians being blasted for nothing. These were ‘kill lists’ that Obama signed off on and yes—some American citizens were included which brought some controversy regarding this operation devolving into extrajudicial killings. I’m not saying we should nix drone strikes, but it also looks like Joe Biden just decided to kill some people to appear as if he was doing something. Why? Well, if our intelligence community was so good, how did we miss Osama bin Laden’s former security chief waltzing into Kabul (via NY Post):


A senior al Qaeda commander who was Osama bin Laden’s security chief has apparently returned to Afghanistan after two decades living in Pakistan, according to videos posted to social media.

Amin ul-Haq arrived back in his hometown in Nangarhar province, east of Kabul, video purports to show, a day before the US withdrawal from the war-torn country was set to end and less than two weeks after the Taliban seized control.

Videos circulating on Twitter appear to show ul-Haq being driven through a Taliban checkpoint in a convoy of SUVs as a small crowd gathered nearby.

At one point in the video, ul-Haq can be seen rolling down the window of the vehicle to shake hands and pose for selfies with some men.

His SUV was followed by a number of other vehicles, including some bearing the Taliban flag.

Ul-Haq was the leader of bin Laden’s so-called Black Guard when the terror leader was holed up in his Tora Bora hideout 20 years ago.


Look, if we got a bunch of terrorists and some civilians died, that’s one thing. People die in war. But here we have Biden obliterating an entire family, no terrorist kills, and a top al-Qaeda commander slipping past and returning in a convoy. It’s just not a good look.

Now, we did execute a drone strike prior to this one that supposedly killed two ISIS-K members. These folks reportedly planned the attack that killed 13 US service members outside Kabul airport, but we can't confirm anything because the Pentagon won't give us much:

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