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Is This Why Joe Biden Is Late for His Afghanistan Address? It's Not Good, Folks.

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

What is going on with this guy? He was supposed to address the nation on the crisis in Afghanistan two hours ago. Now, it says he will read the teleprompter at 4:30 PM—a full four-and-a-half hours later than originally scheduled. Was there a tantrum? Did he need a nap? We have Americans that are stranded. They’re being beaten by the Taliban. US passports are also reportedly being seized by the Taliban as well. And where is Biden? Where is he hiding? Only a Democrat would be this late addressing the chaos where our citizens are in the line of fire. Why are they so bad at this?


Is it because our troops have begun to leave? Maybe. Yes, when this much time passes by—things being to leak. We're hearing that not only are we not extending our August 31 deadline—we’re leaving…NOW. 

When it looks like we’re going to leave 7,000 Americans behind and trust the Taliban with ensuring their safety and security—I wouldn’t want to answer questions either let alone talk, but Joe could have signed off on operations to get our people. The French did it. Our European allies are rightfully infuriated, feeling like the rug was ripped from under them. They want the deadline to be extended. And Biden did promise them in June that Kabul would remain secure.


Joe is adamant that he just wants to leave, consequences be damned. These people don’t care. They’re disengaged. Joe cannot do the job. We have no president. and the lasting damage that’s being done right now will be substantial.

American weakness is back when Democrats are in charge. The adults are back—and screwing us at every turn. This is utterly disgraceful.

Julio wrote earlier today that it's a total clown show behind the scenes. Can't say that we're shocked. 

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