Why a Black Principal in Atlanta Was Slapped with a Federal Discrimination Lawsuit

Posted: Aug 11, 2021 5:00 PM
Why a Black Principal in Atlanta Was Slapped with a Federal Discrimination Lawsuit

Source: AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

Excuse me, ma’am. That’s for the black kids. That’s pretty much what was said to an Atlanta mother when she was asking about her child’s placement at an elementary school. She quickly found out that Jim Crow had returned to the school, but with a woke twist. The black principal was segregating classes based on race. Conservative commentator Erick Erickson, who lives in the Atlanta area, also weighed in, saying the principal did this because she thought it would be beneficial to the school’s black students. Of course, this would set parents off, and the school is facing a discrimination lawsuit as a result (via Fox News):

A mother in Atlanta filed a federal discrimination complaint against an elementary school, alleging the school segregated students based on race. 

"We've lost sleep like trying to figure out why would a person do this," mother Kila Posey, who is Black, told WSB-TV. "First, it was just disbelief that I was having this conversation in 2020 with a person that looks just like me — a Black woman. It's segregating classrooms. You cannot segregate classrooms. You can't do it."

"My community, had they known about this, would probably be extremely upset. Not just the Black parents but also White parents," Posey added.

Posey said that the practice was put in place last year at Mary Lin Elementary School by principal Sharyn Briscoe, who is also Black. 

Posey explained that Black students were put in two classes with two different teachers, while White students were put in six classes with six different teachers. 

She found out about the segregation when she asked Briscoe to place her child with a teacher who she thought would be a good fit, she recalled to the news outlet. 

"She said that’s not one of the Black classes, and I immediately said, ‘What does that mean?’ I was confused.

Christopher Rufo, a fellow at the Manhattan Institute, who has been expertly shredding the liberal media’s narrative on critical race theory commented that this is the practice in real life. This is the application phase. As you can see, it’s not about teaching history. First, it can’t be since CRT is historically illiterate nonsense that borders on academic fraud. Second, it’s all about judging everything based on race and declaring everything as vestiges of white supremacy. 

At this school, Jim Crow was okay, if it was a black person enacting and enforcing it. Sounds about right for liberal America. 

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