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The CDC's Mask Panic Over COVID Has Been Shredded By New Figures...From the CDC

AP Photo/Steven Senne

The COVID circus has had many main attractions. We’ve had freak shows over variants, masks, the vaccine, social distancing, etc., and a lot of it has been backed by politically motivated garbage. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the driver of this clown car, has been a messaging disaster to the point where having him on television does more harm than good. The man couldn’t even get his act right on masks:


The variants aren’t an issue either. They don’t make you sicker and they’re not more lethal. Any news reports to the contrary are based on a rejected peer review study that’s been circulating around the CDC that so happened to be leaked to the liberal press. Oh, and breakthrough infections. That’s another main course item for the COVID panic porn peddlers. 

Now, with Delta flying around, the CDC says we should to all wear masks in hot spot areas. In DC, everyone must wear them again starting on Saturday because nothing says ‘this is an emergency situation’ than waiting 48 hours to enact a measure that supposedly saves lives. Fauci admitted in emails that the store-bought masks we have hoarded for a year do nothing to curb the spread.  Do masks work? Yes—if everyone got a custom-made one but we know that’s impractical. 


If you’re vaccinated, stop reading about breakthrough infections. They’re rare. Very rare. The CDC’s renewed mask panic is about to be gutted by their own figures (via NY Post) [emphasis mine]:

As panic reaches a fever pitch over the highly contagious Delta variant of COVID-19, new data shows there’s only a minuscule risk of vaccinated Americans becoming seriously sick with breakthrough cases.

Out of 161 million US residents who were fully vaccinated as of July 19, just 5,601 caught a severe breakthrough infection and were hospitalized — an infinitesimal 0.0035 percent of the protected population, according to the latest CDC figures available on post-vaccination infections.

When it comes to deaths, the risk is even lower, with just 1,141 vaccinated people dying from a COVID-19 breakthrough infection — or 0.0007 percent of those fully jabbed.

Overall, the elderly were the most at risk of severe breakthrough infection, with 74 percent of people who were hospitalized or died post-vaccination over the age of 65.

By contrast, 95.5 percent of total COVID-19 deaths and 97 percent of total hospitalizations in the US are among unvaccinated people, CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said earlier this month.


This is like going on Web MD and trying to diagnose yourself. Don’t do it. Don’t fret. There’s nothing to worry about. For the unvaccinated, it’s still your choice. I got COVID, recovered, and still got the vaccine. I did it my way. I’m not going to be part of the Left’s insufferable campaign of harassment and scorn over those who don’t get the shot. Some can’t get the vaccine due to underlying health issues. A lot more have questions since the messaging on the vaccine has been ‘get the shot, but act like it doesn’t work’ from the experts. The result is—shocker—people think it’s ineffective. And instead of addressing concerns and reaching out to those who are on the fence—the Biden administration decides to offer $100 bribes. Again, this will be viewed as government prevaricating about the COVID vaccine’s rare but at times—serious side effects. People want to know more. I know parents for younger kids who are now eligible have questions. That will skyrocket when the vaccine becomes available to those 12 and under within the next year. 


Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) went on Tucker Carlson and shredded the new mask mandates that were announced this week, noting that natural immunity is dismissed. Studies show it’s as effective as a vaccine and that the rate of re-infection is also almost nil. It’s certainly not enough to cause concern. Kids generally don’t get it or spread it; even Biden admitted that last February. That’s tens of millions of Americans right there, coupled with the 160+ million who are fully vaccinated with the near 100 million who already had and recovered from the infection—we’re not going to see spikes the likes of which we saw during the holidays again. It’s over. 


Yet, a part of me knows why Biden wants this to stick around. So, the emergency conditions can keep those altered and insanely weak voting protocols from 2020 in place in time for the midterms. 

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