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Someone Is Lying: Did Members of the USWNT Turn Away from WW II Veteran During the National Anthem?

AP Photo/Claude Paris

Sports are ‘woke.’ Soccer has always been for communists, but professional football is not too far behind. Some might make the argument that it’s there already. Is it annoying? Yes. Is it insanely hypocritical especially when it comes to the NBA and China? Oh, hell yes. The fans don’t like it either, but the progressive mob is waiting in the tall grass. Actually, no—it’s not. It’s the companies who think that liberal social media users represent the country that continue to peddle this nonsense. They’re the real problem. Still, soccer has always been a progressive bastion. So, it’s not shocking that members of the US Women’s National Team took a knee during the Star-Spangled Banner in years past. It still doesn’t make it any less distasteful. It gets even worse when some members turned their backs on 98-year-old Pete DuPré, a World War II veteran, who did a rendition of the national anthem on the harmonica. 


This was before yesterday’s friendly with Mexico. The USWNT won 4-0. Did some members of the USWNT turn away? It sure looks like it. People saw it live, but the communications team for women’s soccer denies it ever happened. Guys, they signed a ball for Dupre at the end of the game, so it’s all good or something. 

Richard Grenell, the former US Ambassador to Germany and director of national intelligence, called out the team, which led to a minor spat with pollster Frank Luntz. Grenell is the first openly gay person to serve on a cabinet-level position under the Trump administration, a point that the liberal media erases since it doesn’t fit their narrative. 


So, back to this commie sport, someone is lying. The tape and the screenshots are there. What do you think? 

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