Not Sure Parents Would Approve of the Recommended Reading About Cops at One Wisconsin College

Posted: Jun 25, 2021 11:45 AM
Not Sure Parents Would Approve of the Recommended Reading About Cops at One Wisconsin College

Source: AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews

Scratch that—I don't think any parent would approve of the required reading on cops at any college if they knew, not just the ones whose kids attend the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Yet, that's where the anti-police article found itself listed on the recommended reading page by none other than the colleges' diversity office. 

It's about how all cops are bastards, and that the "good cop" mentality is white supremacy. Are you catching the theme here? It goes beyond policing. We're at a point where anything non-controversial, innocuous, or joyful is a vestige of white supremacy. Get ready because the Fourth of July, patriotism, fireworks, and BBQs is a buffet for the woke crowd to make listicles about how celebrating America's birthday is a white nationalist holiday (via Campus Reform): 

A diversity office at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls hosted an "Education & Resources for Allies" webpage which promoted an article titled "A Guide to Allyship: Black Lives Matter & Why 'All Cops Are B*****ds.'"

Listed at the top of the the now-removed UW-River Falls Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging office's "Education & Resources for Allies" webpage, one reading titled "Justice for George Floyd: A Guide to Allyship," is listed. The guide proudly explains "Why 'All Cops Are B*****ds.'"

The reading recommended by UW-River falls states that the notion that "individual cops can be good" is "rooted in white supremacist mythology."

"The claim that individual cops can be good is rooted in white supremacist mythology that suggests racism is an individual act committed by anybody. Policing is not a question of individualism," the reading stated. "It is not as if a random individual gets a gun, a badge, a police car, and a blue uniform. The police are a highly organized institution with systemic power. In order to understand any institution, it is important you start with the history of that institution, the institution of modern day policing evolved from the slave patrol system."

Additionally, the university-recommended reading states that "to suggest that there are good cops is like saying there’s good slave patrols or good colonizers."

What? Campus Reform was able to capture the page before the page was depth-charged, but this is wokeness on campus. It's not educational. It's not reflective of real life. In truth, everyone, including Blacks and Hispanics, wants more policing and patrols in their neighborhoods. There is no virtue in being pro-crime. Democrats are not looking at their 2020 exits properly because if they did, they'd see a lot of non-white voters fleeing into the GOP camp over their "defund the police" antics. 

No one in real America is this ideological, and that includes Democratic enclaves. The articles which are probably written by white liberals cast a voter narrative about blocs that simply do not exist.