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AP Photo/Kathy Kmonicek

Well, congratulations, New York Islanders fans. You’re in the semifinals of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. You picked off the Bruins in six games. And you also gave us chills. Well, for real Americans, it gave us chills. Prior to the start of game 6, singer Nicole Raviv kicked off the event with her rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner, but she had back-up, which was an arena filled with Islanders fans who were eager to put this series away. 


The Nassau Coliseum was alive last night with playoff fever and a tremendous display of national pride. I’ve been told these demonstrations of patriotism are rooted in racism and whiteness, and that displaying the American flag is a disturbing gesture. 


What happened last night before the game probably triggered liberals. It certainly should make critical race theory proponents nervous. It showed that Americans…love this country. I know, it’s a true shocker. Only the most miserable people on the planet obsess about race issues. To ensure they’re not the only ones, they try to find converts, shame others who don’t follow, and use the media, who eat this stuff up, to make it seem more popular than it is. It’s not. This is a virus and scores of Islanders fans showed just how popular it is to bash America last night. News bulletin: it isn’t.

The Islanders now go on to face the team that eliminated them in the playoffs last year: the Tampa Bay Lightning.

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