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Why a Reporter Suggested That Fox News be Stripped of Its First Amendment Protections. It's Eye-Roll Worthy.

AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

The Left’s motto is if you can’t beat them, destroy them…even if it means torching the Constitution. Now, this writer might have been trolling but no doubt a good chunk of liberal America believes that if you peddled opinions, they find deplorable—you should be either canceled or muzzled at the minimum. 


Take Julia Ioffe of GQ Magazine who thinks Fox News should lose its constitutionally protected free speech right because their coverage is akin to yelling fire in a crowded room. I’m not kidding. Our friends at Twitchy posted about it. Glenn Greenwald, a liberal reporter who was pushed out of the publication he founded because he wanted to run a story critical of Joe Biden last year, called her out. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Greenwald is no conservative but will call out anyone seeking to shred civil liberties, and he noted the perverse nature of this coming from a reporter.


Liberals may not like this, but we can share differing opinions. We can mock liberalism. We can hate Joe Biden. And if that makes you mad, well, that’s your problem. Therefore, liberals can never re-direct the ‘snowflake’ attack on us. Conservatives get upset about liberal attacks on our history, free speech, and other constitutional rights that progressives want to shred—and need to shred—in their efforts to install the hyper-regulatory and authoritarian regime they want; the Constitution be damned. That is not the same thing as getting worked up over…white people selling empanadas out of a food truck. That’s not a constitutional crisis. Muzzling the press in order to enhance the liberal echo chamber is on the other hand. 

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