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Federalist Editor Rehashes All the Reasons Why Liz Cheney Must Go

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

This could be Liz Cheney’s final full week as chair of the House Republican Conference. It couldn’t come soon enough. The woman has been given many chances to change her tune—and has failed at every turn. Her job is to raise money, support the party, and ensure her members get elected or re-elected. 


Cheney can’t do all three. She can’t raise money. She’s backed challengers to her rank-and-file. And she spits in the face of the party base. We all know this. Yet, The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway dug a little deeper, pointing to the two areas that have landed Lizzy in trouble. She also noted how Cheney peddled the debunked Russian bounty story: 


And this is exactly why she has to go. Remember she’s the distraction in the locker room. As long as she remains in her current position, the anti-Trump hysterics will overshadow anything she does in a critical 2022 midterm election year. She’s a top-notch distraction now. Her balance has long been over-drafted on this sort of stuff. The base is Trump. She might not like it, but her job is to help the party win and she cannot do it given what has transpired. 

And as long as she hangs around, she’ll be the perfect fodder for the liberal media to divide the GOP and create unnecessary havoc. 

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