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AP Photo/George Frey

Maybe the floor vote was a bit overhyped with regards to potential theatrics. Then again, a majority of only five votes isn’t necessarily a huge cushion either. There were some reports that Texas’ new carry law might run into trouble given the 18-13 Republican split in the state Senate. Well, those fears are now dead. Constitutional carry is coming to Texas after the chamber voted to pass the bill along party lines, 18-13. It already passed the Texas House of Representatives, and barring anything short of a miracle—this bill is heading to Gov. Greg Abbott’s desk for signature. The law recently passed a Texas Senate committee for a full floor vote (via Texas Tribune): 


The Republican-led effort to allow Texans to carry handguns without any kind of license cleared what is likely its biggest remaining hurdle in the Capitol on Wednesday, when the Texas Senate moved in a nail-biter vote to bring the measure to the floor and then passed it.

The measure – already passed by the Texas House – heads to a conference committee for the two chambers to hash out their differences, unless the House accepts the Senate amendments. Then, the bill heads to Gov. Greg Abbott, who said last week he would sign the permitless carry bill into law.

House Bill 1927 would nix the requirement for Texas residents to obtain a license to carry handguns if they’re not prohibited by state or federal law from possessing a gun. The Senate approved the bill in a 18-13 vote along party lines, less than a week after it sailed out of a committee created to specifically to tackle the legislation.

Yeah, constitutional carry always triggers the liberal media, so expect nonsensical coverage on this which will be followed by more hysterics over COVID. Texas will join the latest club of states that do not require a permit to carry handguns. It’s not just a red state thing either; Vermont has been a constitutional carry state longer than Texas. Bernie Sanders hails from that state, where an estimated 70 percent of its population owns a firearm. 


Now, it’s not official yet when this law will go into effect. In Iowa, their constitutional carry law becomes law in July. Texas will be the 21st state to enter this pro-Second Amendment fraternity. 

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