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AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Look, there’s plenty to talk about regarding Fox News’ Tucker Carlson’s odd commentary about the COVID vaccines not working. They are working. It’s still your personal choice, but the vaccines are effective. The problem is that the so-called experts continue to peddle abject fear after vaccination which is anti-science and looks nakedly political. They want us to get vaccinated, but then say we can’t go anywhere. That makes no sense and it’s not how this works. You don’t need to be a medical expert to know that. And when challenged, they get huffy to no end. Right now, the Johnson and Johnson vaccine has been paused over concerns about EXTREMELY rare instances of blood clots. Nate Silver said this move was a public relations disaster that will create more vaccine hesitancy. 


There was already a healthy dose of that before the pandemic, but seven million doses of the J&J shot have been administered. Only six people have had this severe adverse reaction. There’s a greater chance of getting blood clots from smoking or taking birth control pills. There really is no reason to freak out. Yet, where this gets even crazier is Dr. Anthony Fauci’s reaction to Tucker Carlson. CNN’s John Berman wanted to get the COVID czar’s reaction to the Fox News host’s comments on the vaccine.

“Well, it’s certainly not helpful to the public health of this nation or even globally…to me, it’s counter to what we’re trying to accomplish to protect the safety and health of the American public,” replied Fauci.

Dude, is he kidding? The man has been a flip-flopper on key COVID protocols that have NOT BEEN HELPFUL to the public health of this nation. He flip-flopped on masks. He flip-flopped on travel bans. They say the vaccinated could travel and then rescind that. the experts have been a mess. They’re not oracles. In the case of Fauci, he’s a bureaucrat. I think Carlson’s commentary on the vaccines was wrong, but he’s merely articulating the concerns entering the minds of Americans because these so-called experts continue to peddle doom and gloom and contradictory messages about Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J.


The good thing is that a healthy number of Americans, well over 100 million, are getting vaccinated and the “impending doom” narrative has been proven wrong time and time again. 

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