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AP Photo/Susan Walsh

If Dr. Anthony Fauci truly had the authority to dictate and enforce health care policy during COVID, we’d all be dead. Okay, maybe not that bad—but certainly the situation would have been more of a disaster. The man has become the face of the response to this pandemic—and he’s been a character who tries to play it both ways. As a result, the messaging on vaccines, masks, and other measures in combating the virus have been all over the place. He was wrong about masks, he was wrong about limiting air travel from other nations, he was wrong about herd immunity, and he admitted to lying about the goals in combating the virus because the nation wasn’t ready to hear the truth. And then, he’s caught talking about the dangers of inconsistencies regarding messaging. It’s all here in an epic montage created by the Washington Free Beacon:


It just shows that this guy doesn’t know anything. The mask fetish the COVID panic peddlers are obsessed about was mocked and not advised in the beginning. The man just likes to hear himself talk. The best part is that he does think he has the power to tell us what to do. He doesn’t. We’re near herd immunity. I know that might disappoint Fauci who appears now to be dragging his feet in order to buy time for the next phase of control: the COVID passport initiative. Dr. Marty Makary of Johns Hopkins has been more realistic, noting that we’re near that benchmark of herd immunity.  By the current figures, Makary projects that two-thirds of the country has already had the infection. Over 100 million doses have been administered, with vaccination rates moving along quite well. There are also tens of millions of children who are overall don’t get COVID or spread it. It’s safe to reopen schools, by the way. We’re winning the war on COVID. Deaths are down. Hospitalizations are down. There is no fourth COVID wave. The “impending doom” scenario hasn’t manifested, and spring break was a long time ago. There would have been outbreaks by now. Texas reopened a month ago and trashed its mask mandate. There have been no outbreaks. Oh, and to cap it off, the CDC and others were the ones who talked up the fourth wave. It was Fauci who said it was probably not going to happen. 


This guy is doing more harm than good. it’s time to mute the television when he’s speaking. He’s long worn out his welcome.  

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