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AP Photo/Ron Harris

There’s a reason why the chant “CNN sucks” remains popular. There is no fourth COVID wave, though the liberal media would love to peddle that narrative since they’d be doing the bidding of their Democratic Party overlords. We’re near herd immunity. The experts will never say it because they need to keep us consumed with panic to buy more time for their COVID passport idea, but we’re near there. The vaccination rates are rolling. There’s natural immunity—two-thirds of the country probably already had the infection. And it’s a virus that has a 90+ percent survivability rate. You cannot keep this game up. So, some folks are circling back and trying to manufacture fear past debunked theories. Air travel isn’t the cause of so-called super spread. It never was. If it did, air travel would be much more limited. CNN swung for the fences on this and got blasted out of the sky for pretty much screwing up the science behind it. Our friends at Twitchy had it—and there is nothing more entertaining than watching CNN eat pavement after their nauseating “follow the science” mantra. You people can even get the reports right. 


CNN was caught making a major error in an article titled “How to fly safely a year into the pandemic,” originally reporting that studies show the vaccines are “only 90% protective against the coronavirus, not 95%. Translated into reality, that means for every million fully vaccinated people who fly, some 100,000 could still become infected”


They did offer a correction, but the whole article should be deleted. It makes no sense. It’s science fiction. And as many noted millions have continued to travel by air—no massive outbreaks. This retread fails on so many levels and really speaks to whether the news media wants to report on the massive progress we’ve made on COVID or whether they still want to remain panic porn producers. 


Correction: A previous version of this article incorrectly extrapolated vaccine efficacy and the probability of becoming infected with Covid-19 aboard airplanes. The risk is much lower than stated in the original version.

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