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AP Photo/Craig Ruttle

Our cousins across the pond are about to hear something Dr. Anthony Fauci and his ilk will never ever say here concerning COVID. If the United Kingdom has reached this point, we’ve reached it or are not too far behind. It’s the two words the COVID panic peddlers hate: herd immunity. They had a ton of plans and new systems of oppression lined up. The vaccine and the scores of Americans who have already been exposed and have acquired natural immunity torched that. This is a virus with a 90+ percent survivability rate. The development and distribution of a vaccine would rapidly cut into the spread. We all knew that. So, while the so-called experts try and keep panic alive here in the United States, the British people will clinch herd immunity on Monday, April 12 based on the models (via Evening Standard):


Dynamic modelling suggests that the number of people who are protected against Covid-19, either because they are naturally immune or have received a vaccine, will hit 73.4 per cent on April 12.

Figures published by the Office for National Statistics last week - based on antibody testing - show that around 54 per cent had antibodies by March 14.

Since then, a further 7.1 million people have received a first jab, while nearly 100,000 more people have tested positive for Covid-19.

In addition to this around 10 per cent of the population is naturally immune, either through exposure to other coronaviruses or because they have T-cells, which would not be picked up in antibody testing.

Professor Karl Friston, from UCL, said: “The herd immunity estimates surprised me. However, they are unremarkable when one considers that over 50 per cent of adults have been vaccinated, around 42 per cent of people have now been exposed to the virus and about 10 per cent have pre-existing immunity.

“When factoring in the estimated efficacy of vaccination in terms of sterilising immunity, this – according to the model – means about 70 per cent of the population are immune.

Here in the United States, we’re rapidly approaching that benchmark, even if the experts won’t say so due to fear or their own political motivations. Two-thirds of the country has probably already had the infection based on the infection mortality rate. Dr. Marty Makary of Johns Hopkins has noted the lack of natural immunity input when discussing vaccine distribution and when we’ll reach herd immunity. On top of the scores of Americans who have already acquired immunity via infection, over 100 million shots have been administrated. All three COVID vaccines prevent death and hospitalization, which is the point. The science is now slapping the experts in the fact with their “impending doom” narratives. 


The CDC said around spring break that a COVID apocalypse was coming. Dr. Anthony Fauci said this week that’s probably not going to happen due to continued rates of vaccination. So, which is it, guys? You change protocols to fit a political agenda. The CDC said the fully vaccinated can travel but then backtracked hours later. You cannot do this. If you don’t know, then shut your face. After repeated instances of the experts unable to make a decision—people have had enough. Ignore the experts, folks. There’s a vaccine. Herd immunity is coming. And there’s really nothing Fauci or the rest of his medical fascists can do about it. 

Texas reopened three weeks ago. No mask mandate either. Nothing happened. There’s been no spike. Meanwhile, blue states continue to keep their people imprisoned, and cases are spiking. Maybe that’s because being outside is one of the best and safest activities you can do. Household spread is the main driver of COVID—it’s been that way for months and yet Democrats want to keep people locked up.


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